What is the place indicated by the message with the supposed location of Loan that was left at the Roca station?

It was learned this Thursday that a message written on a piece of paper was found at a gas station in Roca with the alleged location of Loan Danilo Peña, the child who has been missing for more than 20 days in Corrientes.

The incident occurred last Saturday at a well-known service station located on Avenida Roca and Bolivia. According to reports, A client found the paper with the alleged data on Loan’s whereabouts and called the beach boys. And it was the beachgoers who notified the police.

The paper reportedly had a handwritten message on it that read: “GPS coordinates, -30.553366, -59.661363, possible approximate location of Loan, hand over to the Federal Police (it is an island in the Paraná).”

The Rio Negro Police confirmed that they went to the place where they were shown the note found in the bathroom of the service station. He reported that the prosecutor’s office was informed and the case was referred to the Federal Police. The Federal Court has confirmed that no action has been taken on this matter so far.

What happened to Loan? Details of what Monica Millapi, the woman from Neuquén who was arrested, declared are revealed

She was one of the first to testify, providing key information about the initial stage of the search. There were conflicting versions about the call to a healer to find the child.

During this Wednesday, Details of Monica Millapi’s statement were revealedthe woman from Neuquén who is detained by the authorities and was one of the attendees at the last lunch where the boy was seen with her husband Daniel “Fierrito” Ramírez and Antonio Benítez, Loan’s uncle and friend of the couple.

According to the TN portal, She was the first to testify before the prosecutor’s office about the boy’s disappearance, thus revealing crucial information from the initial stage of the search.

“We called a healer to look for him. These are rural beliefs,” she said, although in reality, there were two healers contacted by the family to find the whereabouts of the 5-year-old boy.

Millapi said that the day after the disappearance, around 4 in the morning, from the 9 de Julio police station They were notified of a supposed appearance of the child, and were also asked to “stay calm.”

“A police officer told us first, and then the commissioner (Walter Maciel). Hours later, we found out that it was a false alarm,” the woman added in her testimony before the court. Laudelina and José Peña agreed with this statement.

On the other hand, this Wednesday a car owned by Millapi was examined in order to track down possible traces of human blood and hair. During the inspection, it was revealed that 14 “clues” were found that could be linked to the boy’s disappearance.

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