Atlético de Madrid owner sees Liga MX among the top five in the world; this is what he said

Atlético de Madrid owner sees Liga MX among the top five in the world; this is what he said
Atlético de Madrid owner sees Liga MX among the top five in the world; this is what he said

The Spaniard spoke to various media outlets about the future of Liga MX. (Sports Summit)

Miguel Angel Gil, owner of Atletico Madrid and Atletico San Luis, He pointed out during the event Sport Summit in Mexico City that the Liga MX has the potential to become the fifth best league in the world, only behind Spain, England, Italy and Germany.

“I believe that there is already a general consensus among all club owners, where the sale of 10% of the League will make it possible to guarantee. From now on, no timeshare. They are going to put four properties up for sale, It will allow the central sale of television starting in the 27-28 season, it will allow financial control, where it is 100% transparent. I have no doubt that when these steps are taken, because the agreement is closed.Mexican football will be among the five greats in the world,” Gil pointed out.

The owner of Atlético de San Luis explained that the recent Assembly of Owners of Mexican soccer established this objective to be met in the coming years.One of the key points of this plan is the creation of an investment fund of more than 1.2 billion dollars that will allow the purchase of 10% of Liga MX, an essential step according to Gil.

Atletico Madrid CEO Miguel Angel Gil. EFE/ Archive/ Ali Haider

Among the benefits that this investment will bring, Gil highlighted the centralisation of television rights, the elimination of timeshares and the guarantee of total financial control. “Centralised television rights will allow us to create packages to reach all audiences and a calendar in which matches do not overlap with others,” he added.

In addition, Miguel Ángel Gil stated that in the future There will be no more relegation in Mexican football, but rather it will be cancelled completely. “It will be possible to ascend, but that is not relegation. To be promoted, a series of requirements will have to be met. What we are doing today, and what we have been trying to do for several months, is to organize and put Mexican soccer at the level that I believe it deserves,” he explained.

In a press conference, Miguel Ángel Gil, owner of the Colchoneros and Atlético de San Luis, said that Liga MX could be the fifth best in the world. | Credit: Facebook / Sports Summit

Gil also mentioned the feasibility of expanding the Liga MX to 22 or 24 teams in the coming years.

“If I propose to end the relegation in Spain, we all have to leave the country. But the truth is that here, as there is not a very strong Second Division like there is in Spain, I think it makes sense for a series of new clubs to continue joining the First Division. I estimate that 22-24 clubs could perfectly coexist in the first division,” he concluded.

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