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Noplace: The social network that revives Myspace has captured Generation Z

Noplace: The social network that revives Myspace has captured Generation Z
Noplace: The social network that revives Myspace has captured Generation Z

He ranking from the American App Store awards a very particular social novelty, specifically Noplace, which can be described as the fruit of the union between the glorious Myspace and the now defunct Twitter. The motto is the customization of the personal page and of oneself. appwith a wide range of elements and details to suit everyone’s taste. Among Noplace’s first mass subscribers is Generation Z, which once again confirms its somewhat vintage preferences.

Social networks, social

The stated goal of Noplace is bringing the social side of social media back to the forefrontproviding a highly customizable platform for those who want to share their thoughts in the form of “tweets,” along with their music or book and movie preferences, and find new contacts with similar tastes. There are no photo galleries or short or long videos. A quick glance at the app’s screenshots immediately brings to mind Myspace, the precursor to modern social media. Instead, Noplace emphasizes personal profile customization, starting with the choice of colors for the various elements and boxes, such as the bio page (complete with relationship status and “interested in”), a sort of page with tags (called stars) about one’s passions, and a section where one can indicate what song one is listening to, what book one is reading, and what series one is following. “I think the magical and fun part of the Internet has disappeared. It’s all very uniform. I love social media, but now it’s become too media-focused,” said founder and CEO Tiffany Zhong, introducing her creation.

Wait to be invited

Despite its invitation-only launch, Noplace has received a lot of attention from a very young audience thanks to TikTok and early users signing up, propelling the app to the top of the US iOS rankings. Noplace does not use algorithms to fill in the feed contacts’ activities, but is based on AI systems that summarize what has happened in the last few hours on the platform, so as not to miss anything (and satisfy an increasingly short attention span). Here is the page on the Apple App Store, the download is free, but you need an invitation to register.

Article originally published in WIRED Italia. Adapted by Mauricio Serfatty Godoy.

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