The draft Capybara Law is presented to protect wildlife – El Eco

The draft Capybara Law is presented to protect wildlife – El Eco
The draft Capybara Law is presented to protect wildlife – El Eco

Provincial deputy Lucia Klug (Union for the Homeland) presented the Capybara Law project in the Legislaturean initiative that seeks to prevent the electrification of fences in country estates to protect wildlife.

In the same week that the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation began the debate on the animal protection law named Conan (in allusion to the dog of President Javier Milei), in the province of Buenos Aires an initiative emerged to protect wild animals.

“We presented the Capybara Law in the Province because Conan is not the only one who needs protection,” Klug explained on social media. He added: “Putting domestic and wild animal protection on the agenda in the country is essential.”

Along these lines, the Peronist deputy said that it is “It is essential to put an end to the abuses committed by the owners of fields, country clubs and gated communities against the native fauna of the province by installing electric perimeter fences that not only mistreat them but also expel them from their natural habitat.”

The proposal contemplates that “those who violate” the regulations (if approved) “pay a fine that will be used to implement wildlife protection policies and measures and awareness campaigns for residents of gated communities and the general population.”

In recent days, model and panelist Natalie Weber complained about the proliferation of capybaras in the Nordelta area (where she lives), in the framework of an interview in which she questioned the electrification of fences to prevent the presence of these harmless animals.

In Tandil, on Tuesday, the Granja Los Pibes Wildlife Rescue Center shared a video of a capybara rescue in the urban area, warning about the increasingly frequent situation.

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