Man who had just received house arrest went out and shot his ex-partner on Doce de Octubre in Medellín

Man who had just received house arrest went out and shot his ex-partner on Doce de Octubre in Medellín
Man who had just received house arrest went out and shot his ex-partner on Doce de Octubre in Medellín

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A 41-year-old man was ordered to be placed under house arrest by the authorities on Wednesday after being held for 20 days in a detention center. According to witnesses, the first thing he did was argue with his ex-partner, who came to receive him and collect the belongings he had in the house and in the midst of this situation, the defendant allegedly pulled out a firearm, shooting his former partner.

The events were recorded at around 9:35 on Wednesday night in the house located on 96B Street and 83B Avenue, in the Doce de Octubre neighborhood, northwest of Medellín, after the alleged perpetrator argued with the woman, who had confirmed her decision to end the relationship and give him the house where they lived together for years.

The victim of this attack was identified as Shenaly Camila Suárez Villa, 26 years oldwho was hit in the head and in serious health condition was transferred to a medical center, where her health condition is critical.

According to the police report, the alleged murderer left the house with the idea of ​​attacking who would be the new romantic partner of Shenaly Camila, but this man fled, while the defendant did not respect the judicial measure and is a fugitive.

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Relatives of the woman reported that “It was a very conflictive relationshipwhere he treated her very badly. After they captured him, she interceded so that they wouldn’t leave him there, for the sake of the daughter they both had. But when she arrived, the attacks began, he started hitting her and then he shot her.”

The alleged murderer was arrested for the crimes of Illegal possession of weapons, drug trafficking and conspiracy to commit crimes and the judge decided to give him this measure of detention in the home, a situation criticized by the mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez.

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“It is unfortunate that a man who was in prison is given this measure and the first thing he does is attack his ex-partner. These people should be in jail and not on the streets, putting their families and communities at risk,” the president said.

While the authorities continue to search for this 41-year-old man, who will not only have to answer for the initial crimes but also for attempted femicide and prison escape, the relatives of Shenaly Camila They hope that she will recover from this attack to continue giving everything for her daughter.

“I have a lot of faith that Camila will get up for me. She has been a warrior all her life.“said one of the relatives, who is monitoring his recovery.

The figures for female homicides in Medellin This year it reaches 12 casestwo less than those that occurred last year in the city, when to date there were 14. Mayor Gutiérrez assured that he will continue with the strategies to prevent acts of violence against women.

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