IAS announces partnership with Pinterest for AI-powered Brand Safety measurement

IAS announces partnership with Pinterest for AI-powered Brand Safety measurement
IAS announces partnership with Pinterest for AI-powered Brand Safety measurement

Integral Ad Science (IAS) has announced an agreement with Pinterest to offer advertisers around the world greater transparency for their campaigns in the feed in-app from Pinterest with the measurement product of Brand Safety y Brand Suitability powered by Artificial Intelligence, IAS Total Media Quality (TMQ).

Advertisers are looking for safe destinations to reach highly engaged audiences across all demographics while protecting and scaling their brands.“, he claimed Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS. “The launch of our AI-powered Total Media Quality for Pinterest reaffirms our commitment to giving advertisers confidence that their investment is appearing in appropriate environments.“, he added.

IAS has launched New tools and features for advertisers on Pinterest including:

  • Reliable information about your campaigns: In line with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) standards for Brand Safety, The new offering provides advertisers insights third-party campaigns backed by trusted and transparent metrics to protect and scale your brands on Pinterest.
  • Frame by frame analysis: Total Media Quality (TMQ) for Pinterest is powered by IAS’ AI-powered media technology and enables advertisers to thoroughly classify Pins at scale through frame-by-frame analysis, combining signals across images, audio, and text to protect and grow brands on Pinterest.
  • Campaign level measurement: Advertisers and agencies running campaigns on Pinterest will have access to daily reports that will include approval ratings for Brand SafetyCup of Viewability, time-in-viewetc. to ensure that the ads generate engagement and are reaching real users in brand-safe environments.
  • Global coverage: The measurement of Brand Safety for Pinterest will be available in 39 countries and 40 languages.

In collaboration with IAS, we are excited to offer Brand Safety to our clients and give them greater confidence in their advertising strategies through best-in-class technology.“, he declared Bill Watkins, Chief Revenue Officer de Pinterest.Pinterest is committed to providing a positive platform for consumers, and our work with IAS will ensure advertisers can engage with the right audiences as they move from inspiration to consideration and conversion.“, he stressed.

As part of Total Media Quality (TMQ) for Pinterest, advertisers will have access to measurement across ViewabilityInvalid Traffic (IVT) and Brand Safety within IAS Signal, the unified platform of reporting that offers insights and data so advertisers can easily manage their digital campaigns. This enhancement expands the agreement closed in 2023 between IAS and Pinterest that offered measurement of Viewability and Invalid Traffic for the inventory of display and video.

IAS Brand Safety, Viewability and Invalid Traffic metrics are now available for Pinterest, with Brand Suitability metrics coming soon.

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