Coordinating the New Self-Protection Plan

Coordinating the New Self-Protection Plan
Coordinating the New Self-Protection Plan

He Magdalena Hospital and the Municipal Fire Service of Castellón They have held a meeting to coordinate the New Self-Protection Plan of the hospital centre after carrying out a series of works to adapt its facilities to current regulations.

In this way, representatives of the management team, headed by the director of the center, Javier Peñarrochaand of the Castellón Fire Department, with the chief officer
Anthony Coast At the head, they have visited the Magdalena Hospital to
coordinate the final phase of the plan update as well as the scheduling of a drill in the coming months.

For the past year, the Magdalena Hospital has carried out a series of works to adapt its facilities to regulatory requirements for a
amount exceeding 300,000 euros. The reforms have consisted of the
construction of two new external evacuation stairs, adaptation of independent lobbies on each of the hospitalisation floors and sectorisation of special risk areas. At the same time, over the last 6 months the centre has carried out a review of the Self-Protection Plan with the renewal of the Committee, the updating of signage and training sessions for all staff.

A special position in forestry prevention matters

“The location of the Magdalena Hospital in a surroundings close to areas
Its proximity to the main arteries for the transport of goods and the complexity of its patients justify the fact that the municipal fire department has a special interest in coordinating all preventive actions in terms of emergencies,” explained Antonio Costa after visiting with the
attached to head Adrián Nicolau, the facilities of the center.

For his part, the director of the Hospital, Javier Peñarrocha, thanked the
“disposition and coordination” with the Municipal Fire Service from the outset with the aim of “improving the safety of patients and professionals in the event of an emergency”. Peñarrocha was accompanied on the visit to the centre by the economic director, the engineering team and
maintenance and the head of the Internal Medicine Service.

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