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MTT announced new theoretical exam and study book to obtain a driver’s license – Diario La Mañana

MTT announced new theoretical exam and study book to obtain a driver’s license – Diario La Mañana
MTT announced new theoretical exam and study book to obtain a driver’s license – Diario La Mañana

The measure is part of the modernization process of this instrument, incorporating direct reporting to the MTT

In addition, starting in August, the New Driver’s Book will be renewed, incorporating in the new version, contents as electromobility and how to react to it road accidents.

Santiago, July 3, 2024.- With the aim of improving the traceability of the process of granting driving licenses and improving the understanding of educational content for the training of drivers, the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT), through the National Commission for Traffic Safety (Conaset), began the implementation of a new theoretical driving test, called “Nexteo”.

This is a new web application, which will be launched with a trial run during July in the 283 Traffic Departments (DT) authorized to issue driving licenses.

This change will allow students to know immediately and online how well each exam was performed, thereby changing the current model, which originally involved the information being stored on municipal computers.

In this way, the MTT will be able to learn key aspects in the performance of this test, such as, for example, the queries that present the highest failure rates, approval or rejection rates, among others.

“The objective is to measure in a more effective and centralized way the knowledge of those who aspire to obtain this document in the country, while we are facilitating that people understand the necessary content on traffic regulations, road coexistence and basic mechanics,” said the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Juan Carlos Muñoz, who stressed that the requirements seek to ensure greater security on the streets and roads of the country, since passing the theoretical exam is mandatory to proceed to the practical test.

For her part, the executive secretary of Conaset, Luz Renata Infante, pointed out that measuring the knowledge that potential drivers have regarding traffic laws, safety elements and road coexistence rules is essential for safe movement on the streets. “The Nexteo This allows us to more quickly know the statistics on the measurement of this knowledge and to quickly review when there are queries that may appear unclear to the applicants to ensure a correct understanding of the content,” he said.

Currently, the exam for granting class B driving licenses includes 35 questions, of which 3 are double-scored and add up to 38 points in total. To pass it, you must obtain 33 points.

The exam has a bank of more than 1,000 questions, which means that no one person takes the same test. In addition, the details of the questions, as well as the alternative answers, are not available for public knowledge, and it should be noted that those who offer paid courses or tests that claim to have this information are committing an illegal act.

New mandatory content

The application of the new exam will bring with it another change: the contents of the “Book for driving in Chile” will be updated, which, on the one hand, will have a simpler wording, but will also incorporate content on electromobility and the road coexistence law, aiming to add new elements of mobility that have been added to our streets, in addition to reinforcing the ways of reacting to road accidents.

Although this is the first major update since the publication of the first manual, the Book has undergone minor modifications over the years, incorporating regulatory changes such as the reduction of the maximum speed in urban areas from 60 to 50 km/h or the No Chat Law.

The new “Book for Driving in Chile” will be available for free download from the website, where additional information can also be found for preparing for professional licenses.

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