From what date will the test be applied to obtain a license?

From what date will the test be applied to obtain a license?
From what date will the test be applied to obtain a license?

This week the Ministry of Transport (MTT) announced a new theoretical exam which will be applied soon to all those who want Getting a driver’s license in Chile.

The central idea would be to be able to modernize the instrument, but also improve the understanding of the contents and that people do not take the same tests.

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With the name of “Nexteo”the web application is part of a White march during July in the 283 Traffic Directorates (DT) who currently have the power to deliver the document.

“Nexteo allows us to more quickly know the statistics in the measurement of this knowledge and review quickly when there are queries that may appear unclear“, stated the executive secretary of the National Traffic Safety Commission (Conaset), Luz Renata Infante.

New driving test in Chile: when will it be applied massively?

As it was announced on New theoretical exam will begin to be applied massively from next Thursday, August 1after the end of the first trial period.

The latter with a bank of more than 1,000 questions which will not be available to the public.

Another point to be aware of is that during the same month there are also They will renew the contents of the current one “Book for driving in Chile”adding aspects such as electromobility or the road coexistence law.

That last one Study text will be available for free through the website

An extra fact is that those who are opting for renew your driver’s license They will not have to take the new practical assessment.

“The theoretical and practical exams are not taken, It is only the doctor and also the review of the background“, said the spokesperson of Conaset this week during an interview with Ciudadano ADN.

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