Politics and tereré wheels – Opinion

Politics and tereré wheels – Opinion
Politics and tereré wheels – Opinion

And despite the Covid, when these drinks were banned from being taken in groups to avoid transmitting the virus. After the pandemic, we have returned to the old custom. In 1964, Marshall MacLuhan imagined the global village. A globalized world in which we would all be close to each other. Watching the same series and buying the same brand of clothing. How incredible that after sixty years we are living exactly what MacLuhan advocated and that is how we use the networks and the internet. Google or Wikipedia. Everything on a cell phone. We get into showbiz and science. Journalism and art. Sports and finance. Health and politics.

Something that happens far away is like it happens in our own home. Distances and borders no longer exist. And the news is immediate and we see it with images in real time. Communication has taken a giant step more astonishing than the arrival of man on the moon in 1969. This July 21 marks 55 years since that memorable feat of Apollo 11 landing on lunar soil.

The news is most often discussed at tereré gatherings. Football and gossip. Famous people and the political situation in the country. The price of airfare and the family basket. If one listens carefully, there is a lot to learn from these very entertaining and educational encounters. It would be good if some politicians or authorities came to hear the opinions of these true analysts of reality. They don’t mince words and don’t use euphemisms.

They say things as they are and they are never wrong. It is a lie that the people do not inform themselves or comment. It is a lie that they do not participate or get involved. You have to be in those places to take the thermometer and measure the temperature. People listen to the news. People know what is happening. People live their harsh reality and analyze it.

They are the politicians who live in a glass bell and do not know what happens outside in the streets and markets. On buses and in squares. On the fields and in schools. In stores and hospitals. Politicians only go out during campaign times and then they are gone. If I have seen you, I don’t remember you and they change their cell phone numbers so that no one can contact them or bother them. Much less to make an order or receive a complaint.

The people are already awake and discover the deception to which they are subjected and manipulated. They are not stupid and know that their leaders turn the State into a private company where all the profits and resources are shared. In the rounds of mate and tereré, everyone says everything. Everyone hears everything.

There lies the feeling of a people tired of so many decades of lies and theft. Of extortion and abuses. Of abuses and injustices. It is good that those at the top know that the people on the street know much more than they imagine.

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