Government to review CDH recommendation on lynchings

Government to review CDH recommendation on lynchings
Government to review CDH recommendation on lynchings

Governor Sergio Salomon Cespedes Peregrina said that they will review the recommendation issued by the CDH on the subject of lynchings to see what they are asking for. Although he acknowledged that this practice must be addressed to prevent justice from being taken into one’s own hands.

In an interview, after attending the posthumous tribute in the local Congress of the deputy Carlos Navarro CorroThe president said that this is not a recurring problem. However, citizens must be made aware and better security conditions must be created.

He emphasized that it is necessary give an immediate response of the first responders who said the municipal police. Just as it is important that have security elements nearby for each call that is done and that the justice system prevails.

We will be analyzing the direction in which this is coming from, we will be attentive and we are respectful of human rights and we will assume it with great responsibility. Certainty and clarity must be given to citizens so that they do not fall into justice by their own hands.

The governor said.

Despite CDH recommendations, government must also act against lynchings: Céspedes

And it is worth mentioning that the recommendation of the Human Rights Commission (HRC) does not involve the government directly. But it emits it to the Secretariats of the Interior (Segob),of Public security (SSP), the Prosecutor’s Officehe Congress local and 29 municipalities.

The head of the Executive Branch said that They have managed to prevent many lynchingsalthough each one has its own characteristics and circumstances. Therefore, the government is always attentive to this, because any case that is registered “it hurts them” and being respectful of what the CDH issued.

He ruled out that it was a recommendation to the value by the commission. As an authority, they assume their responsibility and they are not afraid to accept it. Although it will be reviewed and whatever they have to correct they will do so and whatever they consider to be unfounded they will say anyway.

Each case is different, he says.

The government must assume its own situation, but what has to be done in each case is very important, and the way in which the municipalities respond to this fact sometimes occurs in auxiliary boards where there is a lot of tact because they do not have the same infrastructure as the state or the Federation.

Céspedes Peregrina stressed.

Céspedes Peregrina made it clear that it is not only about how many are consumed, or where Puebla is located. Since work has to be done to prevent further registration and also to recognize how many have been avoided.

On the subject, the head of the SegobJavier Aquino Limonin a separate interview, said that it is an issue that has been addressed. Well, just In 2019 there were just over 400 incidents and currently there are 17And it is not because the CDH asks them to do so, but because it is the work they must do.

He stated that training has been done, although in many cases the activation of the protocol has to do with municipalities. Where, when There is no accredited staff, It can take a long time to act, which can make you feel the difference to save lives.

“This is an issue that we are paying close attention to. We will continue to have a greater presence in the territory and make an effort to get society involved as well, because we have called for avoiding taking justice into one’s own hands and that has to do with all areas and with society.

He said that the call to the municipalities is to have the adequate and accredited police forces. As well as with personnel trained to act every time a case is reported, since they are first responders.

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