There will be more than 6,000 and the conflict with the unions is escalating

There will be more than 6,000 and the conflict with the unions is escalating
There will be more than 6,000 and the conflict with the unions is escalating

As expected, the third wave of layoffs in the national State workforce was more “targeted” than the previous ones, but equally There is a war of numbers between the Government and state unions, which estimate that between 2,000 and 3,500 workers have been laid off since last Saturday. The final figure, however, could be close to 6,000 once the number of resignations in the various ministries and autonomous bodies is recorded.

In ATE They echoed the situation and the continuation of the “audit” process on state workers that the Presidency has been promoting since last December. That’s why this Thursday they held a national day of struggle with an “open radio” in the disintegrated Ministry of Women and “popular pots” in different parts of the country. The union maintains that since the beginning of the mandate there have been 25 thousand dismissals and fears that the sentence of the same will be carried out Javier Milei, who had raised that figure to 75 thousand at a conference in which he supported the policy of “austerity” in the management of public affairs.

The head of the union, Rodolfo Aguiar, He was defiant against the President and declared to Mitre radio that “If this is a war and we are the enemies, he should know that we will confront them. It is either him (the President) or us.”

While this union estimates that since the weekend there have been “more than 3,500” cancellations of state contracts, UPCN puts the figure at around 2,000. Both unions, however, agree that the number of layoffs could rise when the surveys of each public department are confirmed.

Something similar is being evaluated at Casa Rosada: The Cabinet Office claims that a reliable number of casualties cannot be certified today and that it will be possible to establish this figure “from the middle of the month” when the data of each department is centralized.

But the latest contract review left several areas decimated. In the INTI fired almost 300 employees and on Monday a protest was repressed at the headquarters located on the side of General Paz Avenue. At Posadas Hospitalmeanwhile, termination notices were sent to 88 workers, many of them medical specialists, social workers and laboratory technicians, among thema molecular biologist who conducted highly complex studies.

Another issue that worries state unions is the virtual wage freeze that the sector is experiencing.Last Monday, the joint delegates of ATE and UPCN attended to the meeting called by the Government to, in theory, begin to discuss the 2024-2025 collective bargaining agreement and this one “did not carry” “no salary proposal on the table”.

Minor issues were agreed upon, such as the renewal until May 31, 2025 of the bonus for attendance, and the payment “of the non-bonifiable remunerative fixed sums granted by article 2 of Decree No. 56/20” with the same amount during the same period, that is, not updated for inflation.

A qualified source of UPCN The interviewee expressed her concern about the current situation, since if the deterioration in state employees’ income continues, this would be another reason why technical staff will be lost in the State. “As in the case of the biologist from Posadas or a technician from ANMAT, many could go to the private sector. It seems like a stable policy to lower salaries, but valuable people can leave,” he warned.

After the first meeting, the officials of the Cabinet Office agreed to discuss a possible improvement with their counterparts from the Ministry of Economy. June, the first month of the new period, has already passed without any adjustments. “We have until Friday the 20th for news to come. Otherwise, July will also pass without any increase.“, concluded the consulted union member.

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