Key day for the future of the historic Marín CF, which this afternoon celebrates its final shareholders’ meeting


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“White smoke” or “this is as far as we go” are the options that the seventy-five-year-old Marín club faces this afternoon when its social assembly must decide between electing a president, despite the fact that no candidate has been presented at least until yesterday, or taking the path of its painful disappearance.

This afternoon, at a quarter to nine in the second round of meetings, in which it is certain that there will not be a sufficient quorum in the first half hour before, the future of Marín CF will be decided because, after the resignation of the magnificent president who was Garpar Pérez with a brilliant sporting and economic management, no candidacy has been presented, as far as we know, so the club at this moment is in the hands of a management committee that does not have it easy given the urgency of the organization of the season and the danger that the players, who had such brilliant seasons with two consecutive promotions achieved, take to Villadiego looking for a better key for their future as did the coach Javi Martínez who has made an important leap in quality in his sporting life for which he has sufficient merits.

Three weeks ago, the club was faced with the resignation of Gaspar Pérez, already announced a year earlier, and with fourteen members attending the meeting there was no other recourse than to appoint a management committee headed by Martínez Fontaíña who opened the period for the presentation of candidacies to which, if we are not mistaken, no one responded.

The federation has opened the registration period for teams for the regional competitions with less than ten days left, as it will close on July 12, which puts even more urgency on the immediate circumstances and the immediate future of the club that was born three quarters of a century ago and lived through moments of great importance, although the memory of them is quite distant, but when a moment of hope had begun that, we greatly fear, will collapse if there is no response this afternoon from the members and, above all, from someone or some group that decides to save this historic club from an almost certain disappearance.

Quarter to nine at night, the options are on the table.

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