His Father’s Day lottery tradition gives him a $250,000 gift

His Father’s Day lottery tradition gives him a $250,000 gift
His Father’s Day lottery tradition gives him a $250,000 gift

Father’s Day is a special day for many families around the world. Depending on the family, there are different ways to celebrate it, from the typical gift of socks and ties to the purchase of a lottery ticket. A man has this unusual tradition and, to maintain it, on this occasion He received a surprising gift: $250,000 dollars.

William Bon Viso of Wilmington is used to a very peculiar Father’s Day gift: every year, his aunt would give him scratch-off tickets as a gift. However, This year he received $20 in cash and decided to use it to buy his own tickets.Maintaining his family tradition made him multiply his gift.

“I kept up the tradition and bought them myself,” Bon Viso told the North Carolina Education Lottery. “A $20 Father’s Day gift turned into a blessing”.

Bon Viso bought his “20X The Cash” ticket at the Sigmon Road Walmart in Wilmington. The game, which debuted in February, offers the chance to win big prizes, including ten top prizes of $250,000. When he checked his ticket, William Bon Viso couldn’t believe his eyes: He had won one of the top prizes.

“I was like in another world”he recalled. “I was on cloud nine.”

After required state and federal taxes, Bon Viso took home $178,751The winner cannot contain his satisfaction at the moment, both for the prize and for the symbolism of having won it on Father’s Day.

“This is more than a dream come true,” he said.

In addition to investing your profits, Bon Viso is possibly planning to take a trip to celebrate his good fortuneFor him, following his intuition and making the decision to maintain his tradition was the key to his success.

“Life is just a matter of timing,” Bon Viso said. “It just goes to show that you should always follow your instinct.”

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