State government will comply with CDH recommendation on lynchings in Puebla: Céspedes

State government will comply with CDH recommendation on lynchings in Puebla: Céspedes
State government will comply with CDH recommendation on lynchings in Puebla: Céspedes

Governor Salomón Céspedes Peregrina said that the state government agencies that were summoned will comply with the recommendation issued by the state Human Rights Commission (CDH) for failing to provide timely protection, assistance and public security. These are the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) and the State Public Security Secretariat (SSP).

The statement was made on Thursday at the end of the posthumous tribute paid in the state Congress to deputy Carlos Navarro Corro.

At the end, the state leader gave an interview where he spoke about recommendation number 1/2024 that the organization issued due to the recurrence of lynchings in the state, which places the city of Puebla in third place nationally with 18 cases.

In this regard, Céspedes Peregrina stressed the importance of municipal police officers responding immediately as they are the first responders, and also having enough personnel to deal with a call for help of this nature.

“We will be analyzing the direction in which this is coming from, we will be attentive and we are respectful of human rights and we will assume it with great responsibility. Certainty and clarity must be given to citizens so that they do not fall into justice by their own hands,” he declared.

This Wednesday, the head of the CDH Puebla, José Félix Cerezo Vélez, announced recommendation number 1/2024 due to the recurrence of lynchings that was issued, in addition to the Segob and the SSP, to the State Attorney General’s Office, the local Congress and 29 municipalities of the entity.

In contrast, Salomón Céspedes stated that the state government has managed to avoid many lynchings, with different characteristics and circumstances, however, he admitted that each case of a completed lynching “hurts” and that is why the recommendation of the Human Rights Commission will be taken into account.

The head of the Executive ruled out that it was a recommendation “made hastily” by the CDH, since there is support from research over the last five years; however, he commented that it will be reviewed.

“The government must take responsibility for its own situation, but what has to be done in each case is very important, as is how the municipalities respond, and sometimes lynchings occur in auxiliary councils where there must be a lot of tact because they do not have the same infrastructure as the state or the Federation,” he argued.

The governor considered that even if Puebla occupies the top spots at the national level for the number of lynchings committed, he said that work must be done to prevent further occurrences.

In 4 years, lynchings were reduced from 400 to 17 cases

On the same subject, the Secretary of the Interior, Javier Aquino Limón, stated that this is an issue that has been addressed, since in 2019 alone there were just over 400 incidents and there are currently 17 cases.

In a separate interview, the state official clarified that the state government is addressing the social phenomenon, regardless of whether the CDH Puebla issues the recommendation.

“This is an issue that we are paying close attention to. We will continue to have a greater presence in the territory and make an effort to get society involved as well, because we have called for avoiding taking justice into one’s own hands and that has to do with all areas and with society,” he emphasized.

He also exonerated the state government from failing to activate the security protocol in the event of a lynching, after pointing out that the municipalities are responsible for this mechanism, as they are the first responders.

Finally, he called on the mayors of the 217 municipalities to have accredited and trained police to deal with this type of situation.

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