Menstrual cup delivery program expanded

He Hidalgo Youth Institute (INHJUVE)) announced the expansion of its program aimed at the free delivery of menstrual cups, aimed at women between 12 and 29 years old.

This initiative seeks to provide a more accessible and sustainable alternative to manage the menstruation.

In order to reach a greater number of beneficiaries, the INHJUVE extended the registration period until July 10. Those interested will be able to participate in awareness talks on menstrual health, which will be taught online by specialists starting July 11.

Free delivery of menstrual cups represents a significant opportunity, given that this product is usually expensive and not always affordable for all women.

This measure is part of INHJUVE’s efforts to promote well-being and equal opportunities among young women in Hidalgo.

For more information or to register, interested parties can call 771 71 9 32 93 or email [email protected].

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