They record the pursuit and capture of an extortionist from La Familia Michoacana

They record the pursuit and capture of an extortionist from La Familia Michoacana
They record the pursuit and capture of an extortionist from La Familia Michoacana

The city of Toluca, located in the State of Mexico, was the scene of a chase that led to the capture of an extortionist who claimed to be a member of The Michoacan Familya criminal group that together with Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) lead this crime in said Mexican entity.

Thanks to the complaint of a merchant who was the victim of the man, the criminal group was able to be hit. The criminal entered the business and threatened the victim, demanding money in exchange for protection for his business and his family.

After the criminal left the business, The merchant who suffered the attempted extortion called 911so the authorities responded to the call, having the description of the extortionist and the vehicle in which he was traveling.

When the criminal saw the patrols approaching him, he accelerated the speed of the truck in which he was traveling, thus beginning a chase that was captured by video surveillance cameraswhich ended with the arrest of the criminal, who will have to answer for the crime of extortion.

The Michoacan Family in the State of Mexico

Last May, the prosecutor of the State of Mexico, José Luis Cervantes Martínez, presented a map showing the crimes committed in the state, which showed the extortion led by La Familia Michoacana and the CJNG.

The Michoacana Family has a presence in 75 municipalities of the statewhile the four-letter cartel has 60, but the history of La Familia Michoacana in the state is much more notorious than that of the other criminal group, with chicken merchants and truck drivers being its main victims.

In December 2023, four workers from a chicken farm in Toluca were kidnapped because the owner refused to continue paying the protection fee. They were released 86 days later.

Days before the kidnapping of the polleros, on December 8, farmers from Texcaltitlán confronted hitmen who wanted to charge them new fees for their crops.

The result was 10 dead criminals, including a leaderand four residents died. In addition, 14 people were kidnapped, and were rescued months later by the authorities.

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