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«Alvise is a product of a populist government in Spain»

«Alvise is a product of a populist government in Spain»
«Alvise is a product of a populist government in Spain»

Alberto Nunez Beans was interviewed this Thursday by Pedro Buerbaum on the podcast ‘Worldcast’. During the conversation, Buerbaum asked the president of the Popular Party his opinion on Alvise Perezthe controversial activist who achieved 800,000 votes and three seats in the last European elections.

“It is the product of a populist government in Spain,” says Feijóo, who identifies it as a “protest vote.”When there is a populist government, these types of movements occur. on networks, without structure or frameworks to do things.”

The leader of the PP assures that he is “concerned” by the phenomenon because “Politics is not thatPolitics is about preparing, training, having knowledge, having an interest in the management of public affairs, loving your country and having a project for the common people. It is not just about voting against […] “It’s one thing to vote with your guts and another thing to have an alternative political project,” he says.

In their networks, Alvise has responded ensuring that “loving” his country is “not using the absolute majorities that [Feijóo] “He had nothing to do in Galicia to force people to inject themselves by force as in a pandemic, nor to hand over Justice to Pedro Sánchez.” The leader of Se Acabó La Fiesta says feeling “as much or more criminalized” by the PP than by the left.

«Corruption surrounds Sánchez, with his family under investigation»

The leader of the PP has also spoken about collectcondemning Sánchez’s pacts with the abertzale party and defending that people convicted of blood crimes should not be allowed to stand on an electoral list: “It is an unfinished business for Spanish democracy,” he says. “The leaders of Bildu do not want to collaborate with the unsolved murders of AND“That is immoral, but if you have a Prime Minister who depends on those votes, people start to normalise it,” he says.

He also said that “This government is a hoax machine And the first thing they do is invent hoaxes. Every time there is bad news that harms the Government, it is a hoax. Every time the opposition asks for explanations, the opposition is far right. It is a government of censorship.

Sánchez “came to regenerate politics and fight against corruption, and now corruption is cornering him, with his family investigated“Most of the cases that threaten the president have never happened before,” he said, referring to the president’s brother. Begoña Gomezhis wife, who will testify this Friday as a suspect in the Plaza de Castilla courts.

On Broncano and TVE: The conditions of the contract are “reprehensible” and “ethically reprehensible”

Feijóo has criticized in the podcast that the Sánchez Government wants «intervene in the media». «RTVE is in the hands of a socialist leader and EFE is in the hands of the press chief of the President of the Government. How can you ask for exemplary behavior from the private media when you are using the money of the Spaniards who finance the public media to put people from your party in these media?» he says. «There was a certain agreement to look for professionals who [el PSOE] it’s inside».

Regarding the controversy over the controversial signing of David Broncano On Spanish Television – which ultimately did not happen – he said that they intended to do it to “take away audiences from El Hormiguero, which does not receive public money.”

The leader of the PP believes that it is “morally and ethically reprehensible”. Furthermore, “from an economic point of view it is an atypical contract in the TVE tradition”, as it does not require a minimum ‘share’. “The conditions of the contract are subject to denunciation”says

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