CDH Puebla’s observations on lynchings are being reviewed: Sergio Salomón

CDH Puebla’s observations on lynchings are being reviewed: Sergio Salomón
CDH Puebla’s observations on lynchings are being reviewed: Sergio Salomón

Following the recommendation of the State Commission on Human Rights (CDH) to classify the crime of lynching and the action protocol is updated in Puebla, the governor Sergio Solomon Cespedes Pilgrim He said he respects the comments and the government is already reviewing them.

Interviewed in the vicinity of the Local CongressThe president assured that he will assume responsibility for the implications of the recommendation, although he warned that if there are incorrect assessments he will not accept them.

“We are not afraid of the issue of recommendations, we assume our responsibility, we correct what we have to correct, and where we don’t, we will not accept it. What we do have with certainty and clarity, we will do it going forward.”he said.

In particular, the president emanating from Morena He argued that in Puebla have been respected human rights and that his administration will heed the position of the president of the organization, Felix Cerezo Velez.

However, he asked the CDH We must also value the actions of the Executive, in the sense of recognizing how many lynchings the state and municipal authorities have managed to avoid, since “there are many of them”.

He also stressed that it is a complex phenomenon, because each case has its own characteristics and circumstances, which is why the Ministries of the Interior (Segob) and Public Security (SSP) have a protocol to follow.

In view of this, Peregrina Lawns He stressed that the government will review the direction in which the recommendation was issued and, based on that, determine possible corrections.

“Of course, any act like this (lynchings) hurts us and we will be respectful of their opinion, we hope that they will be respectful of what is ours,” express.

He said that the lynchings They must also be addressed from the citizen’s conscience, in addition to requiring immediate attention from the first responders (municipalities) so that they give timely notice to the state authorities, and in this way the justice system prevails and citizens do not fall into the temptation of taking justice into their own hands.

In this sense, the governor of Puebla He said that several cases of lynchings They occurred in auxiliary councils, where there is usually no infrastructure to respond to these situations, but that does not mean that the municipalities are negligent in the face of the mass murders.

City councils must assume their responsibility

In this regard, the state Secretary of the Interior, Javier Aquino Limon He argued that in Puebla Yeah “progress has been made” in the attention of attempts of lynchings.

He exemplified that in 2019 There were more than 400 cases, while so far 2024 Only 17 have been recorded, the most recent in June last year. Saint Jerome Coyulain the municipality of Atlixco.

He said that on his own initiative and not on the recommendation of the CDH, the Segob provides training in municipalities.

However, he stressed that when activating the care protocol, many factors arise and also the lack of municipal police certificates may hinder actions.

For this reason, he urged the town halls to train their staff, since they are the first responders. Within that chain, he said, the Auxiliary councillors.

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