Bonus or bonus: what payment am I entitled to if I work in the private or public sector?

Bonus or bonus: what payment am I entitled to if I work in the private or public sector?
Bonus or bonus: what payment am I entitled to if I work in the private or public sector?

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The month of July is crucial for workers in Peru due to the delivery of the aguinaldo and the gratification by Fiestas Patrias. Although these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they have significant differences in relation to whom they are addressed.

Furthermore, it is known that the amounts corresponding to these concepts They occur at two times of the year: July and DecemberIts purpose is to help employees cover additional expenses related to the holidays.

The bonus for Fiestas Patrias will be awarded to public officials and servants appointed and contracted under various State labor regimes, according to the same Ministry of Economy and Finance. The measure covers workers regulated by the Legislative Decree No. 276the Act No. 29944 and the Act No. 30512.

Furthermore, according to Managementthe benefit includes the university teachers under the Act No. 30220health personnel, permanent and temporary workers in the public sector, as well as personnel from the Armed forces and of the National Police of Peru. Pensioners in charge of the State, included in the regimes of the laws, are also contemplated. 15117, 19846and the decrees 20530 y 28091.

Workers hired under the CAS regime They will also receive this bonus, in an effort to unify and ensure an equitable benefit among the various sectors of public service.

This financial support is expected by thousands of Peruvians every year, as it provides them with a financial relief for National Holidays and allows them to plan seasonal activities.

These benefits are mandatory for employers in Peru, according to current labor legislation, and must be paid to workers in accordance with established deadlines. Photo: Andina.

As established by the Public Sector Budget Law for Fiscal Year 2024the Christmas bonus National Holidays will be up to S/300. This decree contemplates a specific bonus for the Human Medicine and Dentistry Internswho will receive a sum of S/100.

The delivery of these amounts is scheduled for the July payroll. In addition, it was stated that public entities are not allowed to establish higher figures, regardless of their labor regime.

Private sector workers In the country they must receive a bonus payment corresponding to a gross salary, as stipulated by the Law No. 27735To be eligible for this benefit, employees must have been on payroll and worked at least one month between January and June.

The adverse context has reduced Peruvians’ spending expectations. (Infobae/Vecteezy/RPP)

From the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion The importance of complying with this provision is stressed in order to respect labour rights and improve the quality of life of employees in the private sector.

In addition, companies have been urged to verify and ensure that payments are made correctly and within the time frame established by law to avoid possible penalties.

The gratification includes a extraordinary bonus 9% of the gross salary allocated to EsSalud. In the case of workers affiliated with a Health Provider Entity (EPS), the bonus will be 6.75%. Companies are required to make this deposit before July 15, 2023.

These regulations seek to ensure that the workers receive additional income free of discounts, such as AFP e Income taxsince the gratuity is not subject to these surcharges.

The government has decided that next Thursday, July 27, will be a non-working day, to form a long weekend for Fiestas Patrias. (Composition: Infobae Peru)

In addition to the holidays on Sunday, July 28 and Monday, July 29, the Government has declared Saturday, July 27, as a non-working day, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur)This measure seeks to promote the development of tourism activity, with the aim of contributing to the economic growth and social development of the country.

According to the decree, the intention is to create favorable conditions that promote private initiative and generate employment. In addition, the promotion of social tourism and the implementation of strategies to promote domestic and inbound tourism in the country.

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