Chronicle and goals of the Copa America 2024 match

Chronicle and goals of the Copa America 2024 match
Chronicle and goals of the Copa America 2024 match

Colombia showed good play, but also character, to turn around a situation that had been complicated. They controlled Brazil, tied the game after losing very early and could have won. In the end, the 1-1 in Santa Clara leaves Néstor Lorenzo’s team as first in Group D, installed in the quarterfinals and awaiting their new rival, Panama, on Saturday.

The match was fast-paced in the first half, hard-fought, if you will, with waves of opponents from both sides. Colombia seemed to start better, and even the first chance went to Néstor Lorenzo’s team, with a free kick from James Rodríguez that splintered the crossbar.

However, what a paradox, the goal with which Brazil went ahead, also from a free kick, was born from a foul by James, who, while trying to clear the ball, ended up hitting João Gomes. Raphinha placed the ball in the corner, on the post guarded by the barrier. Total merit of the collector.

Brazil vs. Colombia

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From the controversy with the VAR to Daniel Muñoz’s goal to tie the game

Beyond the controversy, and a penalty that the Brazilians requested for an alleged foul on Vinicius that the VAR reviewed but did not consider, Colombia deserved the draw. Luis Díaz had already tried, after pressure from Córdoba on the goalkeeper that generated an error that was not taken advantage of. And then, from a ball that James fought for, a play came out in which Córdoba left Daniel Muñoz one-on-one with Allison Becker to score the 1-1, in the second minute of injury time in the first half.

Brazil vs. Colombia

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The second half did not have the same rhythm as the first, but the passing of the ball from side to side did not change. Colombia took advantage of its health and grabbed the ball to prevent Brazil from hurting it, although it was no longer as easy to get to it as it had been at the end of the first half. James was fundamental in this, controlling the tempo, in a match in which he wanted to show his former coach Dorival Junior and the Brazilian press that he is in one piece and that he deserved more minutes in Sao Paulo. And when Colombia lost the ball, the pressure on the Brazilians when they tried to get out of their half was suffocating.

Colombia’s final push to seek victory

Lorenzo, who had already changed full-back for full-back, Johan Mojica for Deiver Machado, to protect him from the yellow card just as the second half began, refreshed the team by bringing on Mateus Uribe for Ríchard Ríos and Rafael Santos Borré for Jhon Córdoba. And in the final minutes, with Jorge Carrascal replacing James, Colombia launched a new push: Carrascal had the second, but he chose badly and put the ball in the goalkeeper’s hands. And then, Borré, facing the goal to decide, shot the ball over.

Colombia even ended up more solid than Brazil and tried until the end. But in the last play of the match, Brazil almost gave them a scare, with a shot by Andreas Pereira that forced Camilo Vargas to work for the first time in the second half.

Néstor Lorenzo’s team is in very good shape to try to reach the semi-finals on Saturday, with only one piece of bad news, the absence of Jefferson Lerma due to suspension. It was a good first phase. But the Cup has only just begun.

Statistics of the duel between Brazil and Colombia

Brazil vs. Colombia Statistics

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