Defense of the minor presumed guilty of the murder of Dennisse Sulecio makes a request

Following the arrest of a 17-year-old minor suspected of being responsible for the murder of Dennisse Esperanza Sulecio Marcia, 25, the defense requested that the court perform a psychiatric test before the first statement hearing is held and then hold the hearing.


Decapitated woman found

On June 30, Dennisse Sulecio was found decapitated and with extreme signs of violence all over her body inside a home.

A seven-month-old baby was found in the bed in the room, but was in stable condition. A handwritten note was found near the woman’s body that read “I told you not to leave me alone,” along with various clues throughout the house.

The discovery was made on 14th Avenue in the Rivera del Río community in zone 13 of San Miguel Petapa.

In the early hours of July 3, authorities located a half-buried head in a vacant lot on the road to Alamos in zone 13 of San Miguel Petapa. It is presumed to be the remains of Dennisse Sulecio.

Anaite Alvarez

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