Registration is now open to follow the America’s Cup races from the water

As preparations continue on the ground for la Louis Vuitton 37ª America’s Cupwhich begins on August 22, the organization has opened registration for spectators who want to watch the competition from the water in the areas specified in the regatta fields

Close work is being carried out with all the authorities involved: Maritime Captaincy, Port of Barcelona, ​​Olympic Port, BWA Yachting and all local marinas to ensure safety on the water for those wishing to watch the races.

All spectator boats must register if they intend to watch the race so that the organiser, America’s Cup Event (ACE), has a list of all boats planning to take to the water and, more importantly, a contact person for each boat to send them daily communications and updates, as well as safety-related notices and updates during the race.

With the exception of cases of emergencyno anchoring will be permitted, meaning all spectator boats must be motorized and remain mobile (not anchored) in case a move is necessary or there is a change in the race course.

Spectator vessels without a motor or other means of propulsion are excluded from the fleet of spectator vessels on the water for safety reasons. All spectator vessels must carry on board a radio VHF and stay listening in the canal 72 of the VHF and must be able to maneuver quickly and efficiently if instructed to do so by the ‘marshals’ the ACE or maritime authorities.

The competition is scheduled to begin at 2:00 pm each day of racing. This will be confirmed each morning to all boat representatives. The race course and spectator boat areas will be established prior to racing by the ‘marshal’ boats of AC37/Marshals with 30 beacons perimeter robotics and will be in position on the day of the race at 12.30 hours.

The general principle is that all spectator boats must proceed to their designated area and remain outside the perimeter marks and follow the instructions of the Marshals of the ACE.

Boats are not permitted to stop or be spectators between the race course and land. There will be a passageway between the boundary and the beach markers that will allow boats access to the course. Olympic Port

The perimeter marks will be identified by a numerical system so that spectator boats can easily recognise the area to which they must proceed and remain within it. It is imperative that all boats register via the following link to receive daily updates on the races:

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