Shin Ha Kyun and his audit team clash with Jin Goo in “The Auditors”

Shin Ha Kyun and his audit team clash with Jin Goo in “The Auditors”
Shin Ha Kyun and his audit team clash with Jin Goo in “The Auditors”

Upcoming drama “The Auditors” has released a teaser featuring highlights!

“The Auditors” is a new drama starring Shin Ha Kyun as Shin Cha Il, a tough and no-nonsense audit team leader who values ​​rational thinking over emotions. Lee Jung Ha will play Gu Han Soo, an emotional new employee who is the polar opposite of Shin Cha Il in many ways.

The released highlight trailer not only hints at the rampant corruption within JU Construction, but also shows the conflicting interests between the characters. The teaser captures the changes that begin with the arrival of Shin Cha Il as the new head of JU Construction’s audit team. Shin Cha Il’s thorough audits, in which he uses all means necessary to punish those who abuse trust, cause a huge storm within the company.

Gu Han Soo, who chose the audit team as a stepping stone to transfer to the Florida branch, begins to dream of becoming Shin Cha Il as he works with him. The teaser also shows the rookie member of the audit team, Yoon Seo Jin (Jo Aram), performing her duties flawlessly and becoming a true member of the audit team.

On the other hand, Vice President Hwang Dae Woong (Jin Goo), whose goals are thwarted by the arrival of Shin Cha Il, constantly clashes with him.

In addition to Hwang Dae Woong, who has declared an all-out war on the audit team, the teaser also shows other JU Construction employees who do not look favorably on the audit team. Their fierce resistance, which includes refusing to cooperate with the audit team’s requests and refusing interviews, hints at the challenges Shin Cha Il and the audit team will face. It remains to be seen whether Shin Cha Il and the audit team can thoroughly clean up the corruption within JU Construction, which is plagued by money laundering, crane accidents, and other frequent incidents.

Check out the teaser below!

“The Auditors” premieres on July 6 at 9:20 p.m. KST. Stay tuned for more updates!

In the meantime, watch Shin Ha Kyun in “Beyond Evil“:


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