Pictorial exhibition of landscapes of the Orizaba Valley opens at Congress

Pictorial exhibition of landscapes of the Orizaba Valley opens at Congress
Pictorial exhibition of landscapes of the Orizaba Valley opens at Congress
  • At the invitation of Congresswoman Itzel López, maestro Adrián Sánchez Oropeza presents his work at the headquarters of the Legislative Branch.

As part of the actions to link the Legislative Branch with the diverse artistic expressions of the people of Veracruz, today, the President of the Board of Directors of the LXVI Legislature, Deputy Adriana Esther Martínez Sánchez, and the representative of District XX of Orizaba, Deputy Itzel López López, inaugurated in the Legislative Palace the exhibition called From the mountains to the city, landscapes of the great valley of Orizaba, by the master Adrián Sánchez Oropeza.

In her message and in the presence of friends and family of the artist, legislator Martínez Sánchez stressed that it is essential for this Congress to open the doors to national and local talents, and that, like never before, this Congress has privileged Veracruz culture and roots, identity and sense of belonging.

He added that an example of this commitment is the approval of the initiative of the state governor, engineer Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, for the creation of the State Secretariat of Culture.

He later indicated that the artist is from Orizaba, graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Veracruzana (UV) and has various postgraduate studies, workshops and diplomas. His vast career – he added – includes 60 collective exhibitions and national competitions.

Deputy Adriana Esther Martínez invited the general public to visit this exhibition, made up of 23 paintings and three photographs, “with which we will delve into the attractions of the city of Orizaba, known as the Pluviosilla, which is characterized by sunsets framed by the imposing mountains that surround it.”

In turn, Deputy Itzel López recalled that Orizaba has a rich history and artistic tradition, of which the maestro Adrián Sánchez Oropeza is a part, who also has more than 30 years of experience as a painter and cultural manager. His works “show us the beauty of various landscapes and iconic places of this famous city,” she said.

In the presence of Deputy Janix Liliana Castro Muñoz, legislator López López stated that art and culture are ways to awaken consciousness, enrich the human spirit and build an aesthetic sense of beauty, “and can also be an instrument that nourishes society and forms citizenship.”

The artist thanked the Congress of Veracruz for the space provided to present his works and stressed that the best testimony a government can leave is its connection with culture and art. Therefore, he celebrated that the project of the current public administration is based on the strengthening of education and culture, without any limitations.

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