WESTERN BYPASS CÓRDOBA | Government and Board will address the project of the Western Bypass of Córdoba on July 15

WESTERN BYPASS CÓRDOBA | Government and Board will address the project of the Western Bypass of Córdoba on July 15
WESTERN BYPASS CÓRDOBA | Government and Board will address the project of the Western Bypass of Córdoba on July 15

Government and Board will address the project of the Western Cordoba bypass on July 15AJ GONZÁLEZ

There is already a date for the much-vindicated meeting between central government y Andalusian Government to address the project of the West variantfrom Cordoba. Next Monday, July 15th, Technicians from both administrations will meet in Madrid to try to promote the construction of the section of road that will link the Airport road (the N-437) with the Palma del Río road (A-431). This meeting, whose date has been brought forward ABC and this newspaper has been able to confirm from both administrations, it occurs just a few days after the Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente, and the Regional Minister of Public Works, Rocío Díaz, met at the inauguration of the renovation that has been carried out in the passenger building at Córdoba airport, which, in addition, this Thursday resumed regular flights with one from Mallorca.

At the inauguration of the newly remodeled terminal with a charter flight from Basel organized by the tour operator Mapatours, The councillor took the opportunity to remind the minister of this project that has been pending for years.. The minister had already warned that they would “soon” sit down to address this and other issues that await their execution. The minister, for his part, responded that they would continue “seeing each other closely for the good of Andalusia.” Construction of the second phase of the western bypass has been stalled for some time.

Tug-of-war between administrations

On more than one occasion the Ministry of Public Works has contacted the Ministry of Transport to request a meeting and the convening of the monitoring committee of the agreement signed by both administrations in 2006. The Government, for its part, has responded that it is the Junta that has to take the step to update the agreement. Despite the time that has passed and the continuous back and forth between both administrations, That meeting has not taken place.

The 2.3 kilometers pending between the Airport road and the Palma road They represent the second phase of a work that is halfway completed, since the first part, which links the Malaga and Madrid-Seville motorways with the Airport road, was put into service in January 2011. Since then The almost 6 kilometers of road already built are incompleteThe missing section, which will have a route that will run parallel to the Parque Joyero, is essential for the Logistics Park, because it represents a direct exit for freight vehicles to the motorway. This section is also very necessary due to the new facilities that are emerging in the Parque Joyero (the Exhibition, Fair and Convention Centre) and by companies such as Hitachi or Cunext, which have expansion projects for their facilities.

The Western Variant of Córdoba.

The Western variant is reflected in an agreement signed between the Government and the Junta in 2006, but That agreement needs an updateThe document stated that the Board contributed 4 million and the Government, 20, but The cost of the 2.3 kilometers has increased over time. The agreement set the cost of the variant at 23.6 million, while the latest available data, which is from 2018, raises the budget to 44 million. The procedures for having this road have been paralyzed since 2008, despite the fact that it is a project that has been appearing in the General State Budget for some time with specific allocations of varying amounts, although they are increasingly scarce. The Northern ring road, which the Regional Government will have to execute, and the second section of the Western bypass are two of the pending roads in the capital.

In a recent response to the PP senator Cristina Casanueva, the Government reminded her that it is necessary to sign an agreement so that the Junta can provide the financing that corresponds to it in the protocol signed in 2006, “14.6% of the total amount of the action”, that is, 3.45 million of the 23.6 that were estimated at that time. These amounts must now be updated and the meeting on the 15th will be the first step towards this.

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