The actress announces her will and reveals which artist will be in charge of her funeral

The actress announces her will and reveals which artist will be in charge of her funeral
The actress announces her will and reveals which artist will be in charge of her funeral

In the last year, the Mexican actress Silvia Pinal Her health has been significantly affected. Different diagnoses have kept her constantly in the clinic, so it is not unreasonable for her to start performing plans in case he/she dies.

The most recent episode was in March of this year, when She had to be hospitalized in an emergency after suffering an ulcer. “We are very optimistic because the doctor just told us that he is in very good clinical health,” her son Luis Enrique reported before his mother was discharged.

However, in these months the progress or perhaps deterioration of the actress has been a total secret, since, His family has not released any further information on this. Despite this, Pinal did want to reappear in public and in a conversation with several media outlets, she gave details of everything that could happen once she leaves this world.

Silvia’s will

In that sense, ‘The Diva of Mexico’ confessed that, You already have your will ready and in 2020 he had already announced it to his family. “I don’t talk to them about it, because there is no time, but my will is already made.”he reported.

Knowing that the Guzmán Pinal family It has been quite controversial due to the multiple clashes that have existed between them, the journalists wanted to know Silvia’s opinion on what What would happen after his death?regarding family problems.

With humor, the actress admitted that He doesn’t care what will happen to thembecause by that time she will no longer be in this world to experience the situation. “I will no longer be here. I will be looking at the sky, calm.”he replied with a laugh.

Who will sing at your funeral?

Without hesitation, Pinal revealed how she wants her funeral to be and, One of her wishes is to be farewelled and honored at the imposing Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City.

On the other hand, he requested that, At funeral services, mariachi melodies are played and that, furthermore, is nothing more and nothing less than Luis Miguelwhoever sings that day. To the surprise of many, Silvia revealed that she has a lot of affection for the singerwho is the father of his great-granddaughter, Michelle Salas.

“I love him very much, ever since I found out he was my grandson I showed him off like crazy, he is handsome and friendly”he emphasized.

In 2021 Silvia was attacked by Covid-19after overcoming it, she continued her life as if nothing had happened. However, between December 2023 and the first quarter of 2024, she presented other complications such as influenza and the appearance of a sore.

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