“It is one more example of how they want to silence the opposition and the citizens”

Thursday, July 4, 2024, 1:42 PM

| Updated 19:22h.

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“We cannot speak in plenary sessions and now we cannot speak in the street either,” said one of the PSOE councillors of Don Benito after a press conference that the socialists had called this Thursday in the open air, in the Plaza de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. “It is regrettable to see how the Government team acts at the stroke of a pen, we call a meeting here and they make a display of Agrimusa so that it is seen that they are doing something and, furthermore, to interrupt our opposition work,” said Manuel Gómez, socialist spokesman, in a speech marked by the ambient noise in the aforementioned square due to the cleaning work that was being carried out by workers from the municipal company Agrimusa.

“They are trying to silence the opposition again with this type of action, with a deployment of 10 or 12 people and sending machinery, something that has not happened in the entire year of government,” added Gómez, who considers what happened “one more example of how they want to silence the opposition and the citizens of Don Benito; this is absurd.”

A moment that quickly went viral on social media through a video published by the newspaper HOY. It was a press conference with which the local PSOE intended to take stock of the first year of the legislature of Siempre Don Benito and the Popular Party in the Don Benito City Council. “A year that has been a clear example of inaction and unfulfilled promises living off the income of the previous socialist government,” said Gómez at the beginning of his speech.

The socialist spokesman describes the management of the last year as “very deficient, they need to improve and, if possible, without copying exams from previous years.” He also maintains that the last 12 months have been marked “by economic waste.”

It is also worth noting that this Friday a new plenary session of the Don Benito-Villanueva Association will be held, in which, among other matters, the bus connection between both towns will be addressed. A project initially linked to the merger process. “It was supported by the merger with the need to connect neighborhoods, a new city was going to be created and this was going to require more powerful public transport,” says Manuel Gómez, who understands that now “it makes no sense and it is economic suicide to address it in the current situation of the merger; we do not know how much this public transport service is going to cost us and the maintenance of the buses would be guaranteed with state funds if we were a city with more than 50,000 inhabitants.”

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