22 possums were released in the forests of La Estrella

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During the environmental operation, another 17 animals, including squirrels, warblers, hawks, vultures and even an armadillo, a fox dog and a pigua, They also returned to nature, in the reserve area of ​​that municipality in the south of Aburrá.

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“This release of species in the reserve area is very important because, Being strategic ecosystems, we can offer these animals an abundant water resource, forests in a very good state of conservation, in addition to providing them with plenty of food.“, explained Fabio Alberto Madrid, a university professional from the Environment Secretariat of La Estrella.

For his part, Andrés Alberto Gómez Higuita, supervisor of the Center for Attention, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Wild Fauna (CAVR), stressed that most of the animals were rescued from illegal trafficking networks, in a phenomenon that continues to grow.

In this context, the authorities called for the protection of wild animals, pointing out that so far this year at least 1,500 possums in institutions such as the CAVR and have been attended to at least 2,411 citizen reports associated with that species.

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Although reports of such cases have increased, CAVR noted that most of the rescued opossums continue to arrive badly injured and with their vulnerable offspring, which on average tend to be 13 per mother.

Of the 1,500 possums received, Gómez pointed out that 900 arrived at a very early age, so they must be rehabilitated before returning to their natural environment.

Both institutions recalled that these and other wild species play a fundamental role in the preservation of the city’s forests, especially due to ecosystem functions such as seed dispersal and the control of other fauna and flora populations that may eventually become pests.

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The main dangers faced by these animals include being run over, attacks by pets and acts of mistreatment by people.

“The increase in reports of opossums is due to greater public awareness of the importance of this marsupial in the ecosystem. Every small effort counts to build a territory in harmony,” added Supervisor Gomez, reminding the general public that if they find one of these animals seriously injured, Alerts can be made to the line 304 630 0090.

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