Tonight the orange zone begins for 24 hours a day

Tonight the orange zone begins for 24 hours a day
Tonight the orange zone begins for 24 hours a day

This Friday, Pamplona will become an orange zone for regulated parking, 24 hours a day, until the end of the San Fermin festivities. Parking in this zone will be allowed for a maximum of 24 hours with the same ticket.

In addition to the orange zone, access to the Old Town will be closed from the evening of July 5, with exceptions for residents.

The orange zone during Sanfermines includes the current sector 2 (Segundo Ensanche) from Avenida de la Baja Navarra, Avenida de Conde Oliveto and Avenida del Ejército to the south, sector 3 (Milagrosa and Azpilagaña), sector 4 (Iturrama), sector 5 (Ermitagaña, Mendebaldea and Etxabakoitz Norte), sector 6 (San Juan), sector 7 (hospital area parking), sector 8 (Rochapea), sector 9 (San Jorge) and sector 10 (Txantrea).

The exceptions are the long-term parking area on Calle Muelle (sector 9), which will maintain the usual regulations for the rest of the year; the parking area at the RENFE station, which will remain red as for the rest of the year; and the Cemetery area, where the first hour will remain free and the rest of the hours (24 hours a day) will be orange.

Also, from this coming midnight until the end of the Sanfermines, in the area between Avenida de la Baja Navarra, Avenida de Conde Oliveto, Avenida del Ejército and the limit with sector 1 (Old Town), only those with a resident card for sector 1 or 2 will be able to park in those places where parking is authorized.

The areas next to the Larraina society and on Julián Arteaga, Sandoval and Navas de Tolosa streets will also be restricted to residents of these sectors.


The Old Town of Pamplona will be closed to traffic from 10pm on Friday 5 July until 2pm on Monday 15 July.

In the area of ​​Huertas de Santo Domingo, Plaza de Santa María la Real and Vial de Taconera, residents with a resident card from sector 1 will be able to park, with restrictions on entry and exit arising from the celebration of certain festive events such as the Encierro or Encierrillo, among others.

The car park next to Corrales del Gas will be for the exclusive use of residents of sectors 1 and 8. During the same period, from 10 pm on 5 July to 2 pm on 15 July, the application of the access and circulation regulations for the Old Town will be suspended.

Excluded from this ban are urban transport in the Pamplona region, service taxis, police vehicles, ambulances, fire department vehicles and other municipal services, as well as those that have express written permission issued by the Pamplona Municipal Police.


Pamplona City Council reminds that parking caravans on public roads is prohibited within the municipal area.

It is also prohibited to park motorhomes for use as housing, except in the specific motorhome parking located in Trinitarios.

The parking lot at the Trinitarios site, which has been designated for this purpose and has been given over to the Casa de Misericordia for the installation of caravans and motorhomes of people who set up their fairground attractions in the Runa park, is exempt from this prohibition.

Badly parked vehicles will be reported and, where appropriate, removed by the municipal towing service, always in accordance with the provisions of the Road Safety Act, General Traffic Regulations, Municipal Traffic Ordinance and Ordinance Regulating Limited and Restricted Parking Zones.

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