Concessions to Begoña Gómez to go unnoticed in her statement before the judge

Concessions to Begoña Gómez to go unnoticed in her statement before the judge
Concessions to Begoña Gómez to go unnoticed in her statement before the judge

Begoña Gómez wants discretion to be the main protagonist of her statement as a defendant this Friday at the Plaza de Castilla courts in Madrid. Judge Juan Carlos Peinado has summoned her this Friday at 10:00 for the alleged crimes of corruption in business and influence peddling following the complaint filed by the Manos Limpias union. To ensure that her appearance goes as unnoticed as possible, Begoña Gómez’s defense has acted accordingly.

Audio only no video

His lawyer, Antonio Camacho, filed a petition on Tuesday requesting that the 41st Court of Instruction in Madrid “record the statement not contain the image of the statement but only the sound.”

He argues that it is common practice in courts to record statements and warns of the “use that could be given to these images, given their public relevance” of his client.

He adds that this practice “is usually common in different courts to avoid inappropriate use of images, which are captured for the sole purpose of documenting a judicial proceeding, but which should not be used to be disseminated in public media of their statement.”

Entrance through the garage

Another request was to be able to enter through the garage in order to avoid the reception with the media at the entrance to the courts and to avoid images of their arrival. The senior magistrate of Madrid, María Jesús del Barco, has authorized access through the building’s garage for security reasons.

This is in response to the request of the Security Department of the Presidency of the Government, which on July 1 requested this measure “to prevent any security incident at the entrance to the courts.” It should be noted that Gómez has been summoned by Judge Juan Carlos Peinado to be questioned in the context of the case opened for alleged crimes of influence peddling and corruption in business.

The government agreement, reported by Europa Press, indicates that the dean ordered the security service of Moncloa to be asked to be more specific about the danger that it alleged and that could put the physical integrity of Begoña Gómez at risk, and at the same time asked the security company Secoex if it was possible to guarantee security inside the judicial building.

Del Barco has argued that access to all those who appear at the courts must be carried out, in general, through the common entrances, but that when certain people, due to their public relevance or the media interest of the procedure in which they appear, request access through a different place, “There must be a justification that exempts the general rule that affects all citizens, such as the possible existence of a risk to the safety, life or physical integrity of these people.”

And warns that “in the present case, and as it appears from the report sent by the Security Department of the Presidency of the Government, a possible risk to the physical integrity of Begoña Gómez is noted for the reasons explained therein.”

He added that this decision does not mean “a deprivation of the right to information” since the media will be allowed to enter the courthouse “so that they can carry out their informative work.”

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