The diploma in entrepreneurial development was launched

The Directorate of SMEs and Entrepreneurs of the Ministry of Production and the Catholic University of Cuyo signed an agreement to teach the diploma in person and online.

The goal is to inspire, provide tools and develop strategic skills in such a way that it provides added value to traditional learning, in addition to generating and fostering networks within the entrepreneurial community.

The experiential experiences are 3 meetings on soft skills with different coaches and entrepreneurs who will share their knowledge on how to start a business or an SME. These will be held on the university campus and in person.

The academic content will be taught on the university’s digital platform through 12 classes that will be recorded. Certificates and prizes will be awarded.

The recipients of this call are all those people who have a project idea developed or to be developed, as well as those people who already have their individual or family business in progress and want to become an SME.

Jose Carpino, the director of the area said “The content is composed of robust theory, related to economic issues and soft skills through experiential learning”

The state official said that there will be a pre-selection of those registered since the quota is for 30 people.

Among the requested requirements, it will be essential to be based in San Juan, have a business in progress, or demonstrate market validation and be of legal age.

Registrations are received by the Entrepreneurs department via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information call: 4306456

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