“My first time”, the travel adventure to Cuba with Enjoy Travel Group and Jazz Vilá Project

“My first time”, the travel adventure to Cuba with Enjoy Travel Group and Jazz Vilá Project
“My first time”, the travel adventure to Cuba with Enjoy Travel Group and Jazz Vilá Project

In its commitment to tourism in Cuba, the Spanish tour operator Enjoy Travel Group is launching the “My First Time” initiative, led by Jazz Vilá Projects.

The company presents the event on its official website as an “experience that will capture in real time the essence of Cuba, its culture and its people.”

In accordance with Latin Press, According to the firm, the experience will feature Spanish artists and star guests such as Naomi Asensi (Temptation Island, Big Brother), Eduardo Navarrete (Maestros de la costura, Master Chef Celebrity), Sensillo (Got Talent, Idol Kids), and Carmen Alcayde (Aquí hay tomate, Big Brother VIP, Sálvame), they announced.

The tour operator, which offers exclusive promotions on airline tickets, accommodation and other travel arrangements, invites those interested to “accompany the participants on this exciting trip to Cuba.”

As he points out PLother Spanish stars will join the project, divided into the groups Alfa and Beta, where artists such as Rosario Flores and Mariano Peña appear.

In the adventure, in which they will “share preparations and expectations through their social networks,” participants will learn to dance, prepare old clothes or play baseball, he adds. Latin Press.

They will also be able to visit emblematic sites in Havana, Viñales (Pinar del Río) and Varadero (Matanzas), accompanied by Cuban actor and playwright Jazz Vilá, who will accompany them from their departure from the Spanish capital.

The media outlet explains that this format has the novelty of allowing those interested to accompany their idols on the trip, “joining the adventure through the website, where they will receive discounts on plane tickets, accommodations and surprises.”

In February, Enjoy Travel Group opened a new flight from Madrid to Havana, operated by the airline Plus Ultra.

New flight from Madrid to Havana through Enjoy Travel Group

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The tourist operation will start in Madrid on June 29th until September 7th, on a 288-seat A330-200 aircraft, with 24 in the Business class, he points out. Latin Press.

The vice president of marketing and sales of ETG, Luis Jiménez, told the agency that for the first time agreements have been closed with the most important high-speed train companies in Spain, which would improve connections from the different Spanish provinces to Madrid, and from there connect with flights to the Cuban capital.

Enjoy Travel Group has been a vertical wholesale operator for over 20 years, offering 24-hour customer assistance and advice in Cuba, as well as complete circuit and combination programs.

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