Areas of the Executive analyzed the draft of the Provincial Plan for Gender Equality

Areas of the Executive analyzed the draft of the Provincial Plan for Gender Equality
Areas of the Executive analyzed the draft of the Provincial Plan for Gender Equality

Within the framework of the Provincial Plan for Gender Equality project, lto the Secretariat of Women, Gender and Diversity presented the initiative to representatives of the Cabinet for the Mainstreaming of the Gender Perspective in Public Policies, so that they can contribute ideas and suggestions. The meeting was headed by the Undersecretaries of Policies against Gender-Based Violence and of Equality and Diversity Policies, Rosaura Gareca and Inés Bocanera, respectively, and the Director of the Women, Gender and Diversity Agency, Florencia Rivero.

Days ago, the provincial agency’s team presented the project to Minister Ricardo Villada, and then held bilateral meetings with the Directors of the Observatory of Violence against Women, and representatives of Municipal Areas of Women, Gender and Diversity. The Plan arose from the collection and analysis of information on structural inequalities that impact women and LGBTIQ+ people, the different ways in which gender-based violence manifests itself and its consequences; this, contextualized in the 10 years of the declaration of the public emergency in social matters due to gender violence in Salta.

Those present agreed on the importance of addressing the problem head-on and with the active participation of society as a whole.

The initiative seeks to consolidate transversal public gender policies explicitly aimed at guaranteeing human rights and improving the living conditions of these historically vulnerable groups, promoting gender equality and a life free of violence and discrimination, using as an invaluable resource the work carried out by various provincial institutions competent in the matter.

It has five axes: prevention of violence and promotion of rights; approaches to situations of gender-based violence (advice, assistance, protection, and access to justice for women and LGBTIQ+); recovery and strengthening of autonomy; extreme forms of violence (femicides, transfemicides or transvesticides); and review and updating of regulations and documents.

Also present on behalf of the Women’s Secretariat were technicians Belén Jiménez and Giulia Parente.

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