The capture of a man with a rocket launcher in Barranquilla

The capture of a man with a rocket launcher in Barranquilla
The capture of a man with a rocket launcher in Barranquilla

He commandsbefore the operation of the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla, Colonel Dave Figueroa, reported that units of the Surveillance Service in the Suroccidente locality arrested an individual for the crime of illegal possession of weapons. “This individual was carrying a device known as a rocket launcher. It should be noted that this device does not work and that it was seized in the context of a fight,” said the Commander.

He added: “These people were involved in a fight with other individuals. The community alerted the National Police, who quickly arrived at the scene and carried out the search, identification, location of the item and subsequently arrested him for the crime of illegal possession of weapons.”

This fight was recorded in the 77th Street with 15th Avenue, in the La Esmeralda neighborhood, town, apparently caused by a stolen motorcycle. Two families were involved in the dispute and at a time of strong conflict, One of the subjects involved took out the rocket launcher, also known as a bazooka, threatening to launch it at a house.

This person was identified as Iversion Harley Padilla Mena, 29 years old, and was captured after the community alerted the authorities about the situation.

His capture occurred in the middle of a chase because he fled when he noticed the presence of the Police in his home, taking with him the artifact that In the midst of his escape he threw himself and was found by the police.

Harley Padilla was transferred to the Immediate Reaction Unit (URI) of the Prosecutor’s Office, where He was charged with the crime of manufacturing, trafficking and carrying firearms and ammunition.

A judge imposed a preventive measure on him in a prison while the investigative process progresses.

Although the device does not work, the authorities are trying to determine whether the captured man has connections to any criminal gang.

According to information from El Tiempo, it was learned that Padilla Mena has remained tight-lipped in providing details about how he obtained the item. However, iInvestigators indicate that the device may have come from a relative who served in the military.

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