We cannot get used to political polarization: Bishops of Colombia

We cannot get used to political polarization: Bishops of Colombia
We cannot get used to political polarization: Bishops of Colombia

According to the statement, issued from Bogotá, the bishops emphasize that Growing political polarization not only makes it difficult to achieve peace, but also undermines democratic foundations and threatens the security and well-being of all Colombians.They express their concern about the persistent violence in various regions of the country, as well as the devastating impact of drug trafficking and corruption on the lives of citizens, especially young people. In the words of the prelates, “We cannot get used to the fact that the power of weapons, of illegality, of selfish corruption and of drug trafficking continues to claim the lives of many of our compatriots.“.

They also call for reflection on the need to protect democratic institutions and strengthen family and educational values ​​as fundamental pillars for the comprehensive development of Colombian society.We cannot get used to the weakening of the family institution and of educational work, original places where the values ​​and virtues of a society take root.“They said. In this sense, they emphasize the importance of promoting a sincere and deep dialogue that allows for the construction of a common project for the country, overcoming particular interests in favor of collective well-being.

Regarding political polarisation, the bishops stressed that the inflexible defence of extreme ideological positions does not contribute to national peace. “While it is true that we live in a pluralistic society, it must also be considered that staunchly defending positions that do not accept confrontation, which are alien to a common national project, does nothing to help achieve peace.“, they indicated.

The Assembly concluded with a call for spiritual and moral renewal of Colombian society, promoting sincere and profound dialogue that allows for building consensus and working for the common good.We want to strengthen ties with the realities and institutions of society that strive to promote the integral development of the person.“, the bishops stressed.

In their commitment to the country, the bishops reaffirmed their vocation to be agents of peace and justice, inviting all citizens to contribute their gifts to building a more united and supportive Colombia.

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