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This is a small European country located very close to the Arctic that has a population of less than 500 thousand people who, in many cases, are related.

This country is one of the closest to the Arctic, while also having much longer days and nights than normal. | Composition Libero

Iceland it’s a little country European which is possibly one of the most unique in the world, to the point that it can be said that The vast majority is knownwhich is why the Icelanders They resort to the technology so that before you go on a date with someone, Check if it is not a relative.

Related by the same blood

And it is that Iceland It currently has a small population of less than half a million, being 382,003 people that inhabit this island near the Arctic and which is included as part of the Nordic countrieswhich is why it is easy for quite a few of its citizens to be related by blood ties.

Therefore, when a Icelandic opts for the honey of loveyou must be sure that you are not related to the person of your interest, which is why they resort to a Online application to avoid making a serious mistake that they might regret.

And with this application promoted by the Government, knowing that a large part of the population is related by blood ties: is about Icelandic bookthe same one that is characterized by having a huge genealogical data about its citizens and roots.

In fact, the The information this app handles is very oldto the point that it is traced back to the first settlements on this island dating back to 1,200 years (that is, since the century 800 AD).

This project was promoted by a center specialized in medical genetics called deCODEbelonging to Friorik Skulassonan Icelandic IT entrepreneur, which collects detailed information about local censusesin addition to including those collected by the National Church of Iceland.

Among all these data, there are also included historical books, civil registersamong others that enrich this application.

How are surnames constructed in Iceland?

All this is based on the fact that the Icelandic surnames do not follow the same logic as those applied in the Westsince these are not inherited (as in almost the entire world), but on the contrary, these are built joining syllables and words How so? Simple, the father’s name is joined with the Icelandic word “son” (son) or “fell” (is).

This unique form of surname makes it very difficult, for example, recognize descent among families and individuals. This has led to, according to the deCODEIcelanders share consanguinity relationship in its 6th and 8th generation.

Therefore, when an Icelander resorts to Icelandic bookyou can know the origins of a pretenderas well as all members of his family or clan, in addition to who is the oldest living person in this, as well as his possessions.

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