Pablo Alarcón’s emotional words after being discharged from hospital: “First day of freedom”

Pablo Alarcón’s emotional words after being discharged from hospital: “First day of freedom”
Pablo Alarcón’s emotional words after being discharged from hospital: “First day of freedom”

Pablo Alarcón shared an emotional video after being discharged from hospital (Video: @pabloalarcon.ok)

After a difficult situation, in which he spent more than 45 days in hospital, an open heart operation and bilateral pneumonia, Pablo Alarcon He returned to the public eye. After being discharged from the hospital, the actor decided to leave the comfort of his home and go out to treat himself to a little luxury: breakfast at a café.

Far from the state in which he had been seen weeks before, when he could not speak and even asked for blood donors for his operation, Alarcón showed his good health and, above all, his good spirits.Having a coffee. First day of freedom. I left yesterday in the evening. I got up this morning, got dressed and came to have a coffee.. Well, right? ” explained the interpreter of Rose from afarwith a smile on his face, while recording himself with his cell phone.

During his hospitalization, Pablo Alarcón asked for blood donors

The actor left the High Complexity Medical Institute (IMAC) on Wednesday afternoon. According to what he learned Teleshow Through Claribel Medina, his ex-partner, the 77-year-old actor continues his recovery at home, surrounded by the care and affection of his loved ones, after spending a month and a half in intensive care.

In that sense, the actress had detailed how her first hours in the house were, her reaction upon returning and how the interpreter of Rose from afar: “Pablo is already at home. He is being well cared for and is recovering. It is a great emotion for his entire family. We are happy that he has returned home today.”

Pablo Alarcón’s video from the clinic: “I’ve been hospitalized for 15 days”

After his delicate state of health became known, on May 19, Alarcón detailed what the first hours of his hospitalization had been like. “Excuse me for the delay, but I don’t have much strength to speak yet“They are treating me wonderfully well and I estimate that I will be going home in 5 days. I have a bilateral lung infection. But hey, I’m fine,” the artist had commented, trying to convey peace of mind.

However, despite the hopeful prognosis he had, Alarcón had to spend weeks in hospital. So much so that, about 15 days later, the actor reappeared with a video from the clinic. “I will be unable to communicate with you for a little while longer, for many reasons. I hope to hear you, see you and answer you one by one or by dozen. I think that by dozen it comes out less,” Pablo had detailed at that time.

As if that were not enough, days later, Alarcón and his family commented on the situation on social media again, this time with a request: blood donors. Sitting in a chair, with a blanket on his lap and a cap on his head, the actor made a special request to the more than 247 thousand fans he has on his Instagram account. Far from hearing his voice, it was his daughter who spoke. “Friends, dad can’t talk. That’s why his daughter is talking. We’re looking for 12 blood donors,” he began saying while his father continued his story with mime.

The most critical moment of the hospitalization came in mid-June, when the artist had to undergo open heart surgery. The news of the intervention had been communicated by Claribel Medinaher ex-partner, in a chat with Teleshow. “He had surgery and it turned out fantastic, he really responded very well. We are all surprised and happy.”Medina said about the results of the surgery. “It was 48 hours of great care. Despite the difficulties, he is in very good spirits,” Claribel added, referring to the complexity of the operation. From then on, Alarcón managed to recover and was discharged.

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