Feijóo, for the leadership of the far right

Feijóo, for the leadership of the far right
Feijóo, for the leadership of the far right

One would expect a decent political right, given the ultra-drift that has been unleashed, to mark the distances by showing the projects that can be carried out from a conservative point of view. But Alberto Núñez Feijóo, president of the Popular Party, and his leadership team are doing the opposite. The PP has launched an electoral campaign – with no election date in the near future – that is clearly ultra-right. The adherence to extreme postulates because it is what triumphs and because it does not create any discomfort for them demonstrates an absolute lack of scruples. One more turn of the screw in a party whose only political strategy seems to be to put obstacles in the way of peaceful coexistence in society. Tension is the breeding ground for its success. If you remember, the mayor of Valencia confessed it clumsily: “https://twitter.com/rosamariaartal/status/1802579668626759877”.

Suddenly, the PP is launching a determined electoral campaign, dirty to the core as is the party’s hallmark. We have to wonder if they expect their judicial and media terminals to finally succeed in overthrowing the Government or if it is about gaining points to unseat Ayuso, who is still ahead in these matters. The president of Madrid set the bar very high for the far right by awarding Milei. But both show that they are capable of anything, absolutely anything, for power. And the passion with which their collaborators support them indicates how much they share and the great extent of the problem.

His government association with Vox leaves no doubt about his ideology, even about his openness to any regression, no matter who it harms. No doubt. For a few months now, moreover, his xenophobic proclamations or justifications of the Israeli genocide against the Palestinians have been abundant, but now, after the European elections, the launch of Feijóo as a candidate for ultra-right leader is a notorious fact.

Feijóo has been spreading lies about migrant minors without batting an eyelid. He says that the Government “puts them on planes” and then “leaves them in certain neighbourhoods”. He went to ask Von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, for money to stop emigration, using the Italian Giorgia Meloni (known for her heartless practices) as an example of good practice. Finally, he has asked the Sánchez Government to deploy the Navy to block the arrival of migrants to Spain at sea. Vox had already requested this in 2020 and the then Chief of Staff of the Navy replied: “The obligation is to rescue them”.

The naval army against migrants. With ten cannonry per band They are going after young people, even children, in a small boat. The degradation of human beings that these attitudes of Feijóo and so many other neo-fascist racists indicate is not part of their strategies, it is innate. Something would creak in their guts if they really felt the slightest appreciation for these people. Responsibility for the deaths in Tarajal is still pending “sine die” after a battle of archives and reactivations: 16 people drowned when they were repelled by the Civil Guard with rubber bullets and other anti-riot elements when they swam towards the coast. Year 2014, Rajoy’s Government. It is not that the progressives have been exemplary, but there are differences.

Sharing Vox’s postulates is not enough for Feijóo. He is also going after Alvise’s voters. He has shared an interview with the streamer Pedro Buerbaum, famous for his sexist, racist and conspiracy-theoretic content, who is against Agenda 2030 and the payment of taxes. His podcast – a well of irrationality, hatred and insults – with almost a million followers is broadcast on YouTube. The PP president must have felt very comfortable.

The Sémpers of the moment and the right-wing media describe it as successful influencer a Buerbaum and claim that the interview is a way to expand and modernize Feijóo’s audiences. In my opinion, it is sinking further into the ultra-right well and promoting this streamersomething that a serious conservative politician should not do. Let’s avoid the content so as not to give it more publicity. His impudence and his lies are taken for granted without blinking an eye. Have you noticed that Feijóo never blinks when he lies? Rajoy had a twitch in his left eye.

The campaign is for the leadership of the far right. And for cheating too, because they are closely linked. The PP, very active these days in its tirades, has had the courage to criticize even the measures that the troika forced Zapatero to take over when the after-effects of crack 2008. They urged him to reduce some of the social improvements he had imposed, in pensions for example. Every time Spain suffers a crisis, the PP stabs it in the back. The global crisis of the financial system, of capitalism, was made to pay for the global crisis of the financial system, of capitalism, Greece, Portugal and Spain. Rajoy, far from helping his country, asked for more help. When he came to power he carried out the bank bailout at a loss and huge cuts to the Welfare State. We must never forget that the extreme right and social cuts also go hand in hand.

Today, the PP has everything to its advantage. It is striking that, while in France millions of citizens of all ideologies want to stop the electoral victory of Le Pen’s party, with its anti-fascist politicians at the forefront, Feijóo is trying to be more far-right than anyone else.

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