Nexus Fest cancelled after fatal incident in Chía

Nexus Fest cancelled after fatal incident in Chía
Nexus Fest cancelled after fatal incident in Chía

The mayor of Chía stressed that the organizers of Nexus Fest did not submit the corresponding paperwork.

The Nexus Fest event, which was scheduled for this Saturday, July 6 at the Marroquín Castle in Chía, has been cancelled by the Mayor’s Office of that municipality due to a tragic incident that occurred during the setup of the event on Wednesday night.

One member of the assembly team lost his life and two others were injured.triggering a police and administrative investigation involving local authorities.

The festival, which promised to be a spectacle of electronic music and reggaeton, was cut short by the tragic events that occurred during the preparations. The death of one of the assembly workers and The injuries suffered by two others have caused consternation in the Chía community and among the organizers.

According to preliminary reports, the tragedy was triggered by circumstances still under investigation by the Police, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Forensic Medicine. In addition to the fatal incident, The municipal administration of Chía has highlighted the lack of timely documentation presented by the organizers to the events committeean essential requirement for the festival to take place.

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The mayor of Chía, Leonardo Donoso, expressed his concern about the events and confirmed the cancellation of Nexus Fest until the circumstances of the incident are clarified and security at the venue is guaranteed.

“The event has been cancelled due to Both the organizers and the relevant authorities fail to clarify the facts and guarantee safety at the venue for attendees.“Donoso said.

People who had already purchased tickets for the event have been instructed to contact the festival organizers directly to coordinate refunds and avoid unnecessary crowds in the vicinity of Marroquín Castle.

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Meanwhile, the injured are being treated at the San Antonia de Chía Hospital and the Chía Clinic respectively, receiving proper medical attention.

The Chía community is waiting for clear answers about what happened, while local authorities and organizers collaborate in investigations to clarify the circumstances of this tragic incident.

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