The Treasury returns 953 million to 1.4 million taxpayers in the Valencian Community at the end of the Income Tax Campaign

The Treasury returns 953 million to 1.4 million taxpayers in the Valencian Community at the end of the Income Tax Campaign
The Treasury returns 953 million to 1.4 million taxpayers in the Valencian Community at the end of the Income Tax Campaign

VALENCIA (EP). The Tax Agency has already returned 9,042 million euros, 8.9% more, to 12,814,000 taxpayers (+6.4%) at the end of the 2023 Personal Income Tax Return Campaign (IRPF 2023). In the Valencian Community, it has returned 953.4 million euros, 11.54% more, to 1,494,029 taxpayers (+8.04%).

According to a statement issued by the Treasury, 78.9% of the requested refunds have already been paid in terms of number and 66.6% in terms of amount at a national level.

The evolution of refunds paid – with a growth of 6.4% in number compared to the 2022 Income Tax Campaign and 8.9% in amount – is the result of the increase recorded in the taxpayers’ own refund requests.

As for the declarations to be filed, a total of 6,195,965 have been registered, 2.95% less than in 2022, while the amount reaches 16,792 million euros, 25% more.

In total, 24,013,000 tax returns have been submitted by the end of the campaign, 4.9% more than last year, and 67% of them (16,229,000) have a returnable result.

23,000 corrections following preventive warnings

One of the new features of the campaign that is now coming to an end is the launch of preventive notices by letter (in addition to those on Renta Web and the app) to the taxpayer to avoid errors and omissions that may subsequently lead to a possible regularisation by the Agency.

In line with the strategy of advancing voluntary compliance through preventive notices to avoid errors and omissions in the declaration, these letters were addressed to certain cases of taxpayers who had submitted their declaration modifying the information provided by the Agency, in order to assess whether or not they should submit a supplementary declaration adapted to the information available to the AEAT.

More than 23,000 taxpayers have rectified their tax returns to date after receiving the preventive notice from the Tax Agency, thus avoiding a possible subsequent check by the Agency, the generation of interest and the imposition of possible penalties. For these taxpayers, the Renta Web system itself offers the proposal for a supplementary return with the data already incorporated.

228,000 for the wealth tax

In parallel with the Income Tax Campaign, the corresponding campaign for the Wealth Tax has also been developed, which had to be declared by those taxpayers with a tax to pay (after applying the corresponding deductions and bonuses) and also by those without a tax to pay who last year had assets and rights with a value greater than two million euros.

At the end of the campaign, almost 228,000 asset declarations have been recorded and the amount to be paid has reached 1,911 million euros, 55.5% more than at the end of the 2022 Campaign (1,229 million).

This sharp rise in the collection of wealth tax is due to the fact that some autonomous communities, such as Madrid, have incorporated changes in the bonuses they had in this tax in order to collect wealth tax themselves, instead of these amounts being paid through the Solidarity Tax on Large Fortunes, which is state-run.

Nearly two million declarations with personalized assistance

In terms of filing methods, the ‘Le Llamamos’ plan for telephone filing is once again the main filing system with personalized assistance, with 1,128,000 returns, 5.4% more than in the previous campaign and 57% of all filings made with personalized assistance to the taxpayer.

In addition, 831,000 tax returns were submitted at the offices, 6.6% more than the previous year, so that, in total, almost two million tax returns have been submitted in the current campaign with direct and personalized help to the taxpayer, who has a double alternative if they require this type of assistance, with and without going to a physical office.

Thus, between the assistance in offices and the ‘We Call You’ plan, almost two million declarations have been made with personalized assistance to the taxpayer, of which nearly 25% correspond to people over 65 years of age.

Strong growth in presentations with the app

However, taxpayers continue to file their tax returns online, with a total of 22,053,000 doing so in the campaign that is now ending, almost 92% of the total.

Of these, more than 21,405,000 have been submitted through the Agency’s electronic office, 4.3% more than the previous year, and the remaining 647,000 through the Agency’s mobile application, with a new very strong growth in the year-on-year comparison (+23.3%).

Of the total number of returns submitted using the app, 482,000 correspond to ‘one-click’ submissions and the rest are taxpayers who have been referred by the app to the AEAT website to make some modification and have returned to the application to complete the submission.

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