The employers’ association that the Government favours over Cepyme advises Begoña Gómez on her platform for companies

The employers’ association that the Government favours to counterbalance criticism Cepyme advises Begoña Gomez in promoting its platform for companies.

According to an unpublished document to which EL MUNDO has had access, Conpymes has signed since Juneand 2022 an agreement with the chair directed by the wife of the President of the Government so that she participates in its «business advisory committee»It also offers its associated companies the opportunity to test and develop the Transforma TSC platform, which is registered in the name of the wife of the President of the Government.

According to the document, still in force and not disseminated by the Complutense University, the current president of Conpymes, Jose Maria Torresundertakes to “collaborate with advice based on its knowledge of SMEs on the measurement platform.”

In addition, it offers the director of the chair «access to the Conpymes ecosystem for the necessary actions (testing, consultations, interviews…) for the purpose of developing the MVP [el embrión del proyecto] and its subsequent evolution into the impact management platform. This platform is the digital tool that Gómez wanted to be the flagship project of the master’s degree and he bases his own personal business project on it. The platform’s brand is registered in his own name.

In parallel, the Government is promoting this association, which was launched just three years ago, sponsored by Gómez herself. On April 30, Conpymes managed to get the Government to open a space for it by decree in official bodies, breaking for the first time the monopoly of business representation of CEOE and Cepyme. It has not yet been given a place in the Social Dialogue Roundtable, as Torres hopes, but, since June 25, it has already formed part of the State Council of SMEs and the State Observatory of Private Delinquency.

The president of Cepyme, Gerardo Cuervasaid in his harsh speech at the assembly of his employers’ association last Wednesday that the Government is seeking with this “docile interlocutors.” The president of CEOE, Antonio GaramendIn statements on Antena 3 on Thursday, he also linked the push for Conpymes with the resistance of his organisation, which includes Cepyme, to signing government projects such as the reduction of working hours. “As we say no, the Government decides to make a policy of friends and invent an organization to see if it harms our representation, and that has the Spanish business community angry,” said Garamendi.

The president of Conpymes, for his part, has offered to negotiate this reduction in working hours with the Government, but denies being under orders from Moncloa and assures that his association is independent. In his opinion, the Executive is obliged to recognise its representativeness following recommendations on social dialogue from the European Union.

The Conpymes agreement that links him to Gómez was an addendum to the creation of the chair in 2020 by the Complutense University and the sponsors Reale Seguros and the la Caixa Foundation. It was signed by Torres himself with the then vice-chancellor, Juan Carlos Doadrio.

Although the most valuable thing for Gomez has proven to be the development of the platform -where he also received free contributions from Telefónica, Google and Indra-, In the document, this employers’ association agreed to provide more general support: “Conpymes undertakes to collaborate with the Chair, through the promotion and organisation of events, collaboration in the preparation of studies and reports on SMEs, in the area of ​​business sustainability and others.”

He thus joined another sponsorship that was known and involves the president of Conpymes. This newspaper already reported on it on April 14. Torres, before presiding over the employers’ association, was the owner of the company Numintec. This company, despite its incomparably smaller size, asked to join La Caixa and Reale Seguros in March 2021 to sponsor and, where appropriate, finance students who take the master’s degree directed by Gómez. Two months later, Torres proposed to the president’s wife that she sponsor the launch of Conpymes and she accepted, as he himself declared to this newspaper, denying that there was any irregularity in it.“There is nothing to hide,” he said, justifying his patronage of the chair by the interest that SMEs have in achieving a “competitive social transformation.”

His sponsorship lasted only one year, because Torres sold the company to the Swedish group Telavox, which declined to continue with the chair. According to the agreement published by this newspaper, Torres, now president of Conpymes, decided to continue the sponsorship with his association.

It is not the only business organisation that has supported Gómez. As this newspaper already reported last month, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, which is supervised by the Government, also offered its network to Gómez to present the Transforma TSC platform and helped her to find students for the master’s degree.

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