Sahrawis denounce the “despicable attitude” of the Sánchez Government in returning to Morocco the activist detained in Bilbao

The National Court has refused to postpone the expulsion of the young man who arrived at the Biscayan airport on 23 July. “He is being persecuted, just like we all are in the occupied territories,” denounces the delegate of the Polisario Front in the Basque Country

The Polisario Front denounces the “despicable attitude” of Pedro Sánchez’s government after the National Court’s ruling was made public, which will lead tomorrow to the return of a 24-year-old young man who has already been held for 12 days in a “non-admitted” room at Bilbao airport. The judges consider that the young “activist” is in “imminent risk” in Morocco when he is handed over to the police tomorrow. “When he returns, they will give him a harsh sentence,” warns Fadel Brahim of the Polisario Front, who together with Basque NGOs maintains the hope that the transfer will not take place.

Human rights organisations such as Zehar errefuxiatekin (Side of the refugees, in Basque) have tried to have the young Youssef recognised as stateless, but the National Court’s ruling rejects the request to halt his return while it is being processed. The judges do not consider it sufficiently proven that the young man was arrested for participating in demonstrations in favour of the Sahrawi people by providing “photographs of a group of sympathisers and a broken telephone”.

The National Court also points out in refusing Youssef’s continued status in Spain that “he does not claim to be a distinctive or singular representative of his political choice.” The representative of the Polisario Front in Euskadi, Fadel Brahim, has warned of the serious consequences that the return planned for tomorrow to Tangier will have for the young Saharawi. “When he returns, he will be sentenced to a very harsh sentence,” Brahim said before participating in a rally that took place in Moyua Square in Bilbao in front of the subdelegation of the Government of Spain.

The representative of the Polisario Front denounces the “responsibility of the Government of Spain” with a young Sahrawi who has the documentation that proves his origin and who has expressly requested not to be expelled to Morocco. “Youssef is being persecuted as are all the Sahrawis from the occupied territories that Morocco has closed so that no one knows what is happening,” he warned.

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