German city changes its name in honor of Taylor Swift

German city changes its name in honor of Taylor Swift
German city changes its name in honor of Taylor Swift

There is no doubt that Taylor Swift is the star of the moment. With almost 100 million monthly listeners on streaming platforms, streaminglike Spotify, and after being named Person of the Year by the acclaimed TIME magazine in 2023, Taylor Swift’s name has become synonymous with the music industry.

The impact of the famous ‘Miss Americana‘ has gone so far that, even, A German city has agreed to temporarily change its name in honour of the American singer and her upcoming tour dates.The Eras Tour’. The city in question is Gelsenkirchen, while its temporary name will be “Swiftkirchen.

“The city of Gelsenkirchen is looking forward to welcome American megastar Taylor Swift already the tens of thousands of Swifties expected to Attend the three concerts at the stadium from July 17 to 19”, wrote Mayor Karin Welge in a statement published on Tuesday, picked up by the magazine PEOPLE.

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All thanks to a fan

As reported by the magazine PEOPLEthe temporary renaming of the city It is the result of a petition issued by a fan, who answers to the name of Aleshanee Westhoff. She was the one who started the lawsuit and presented it to the mayor’s office.

“It is a great idea to temporarily change the name of Gelsenkirchen to ‘Swiftkirchen’, I am therefore particularly pleased that you can experience Gelsenkirchen’s short-term ‘renaming’ up close and personal today.”, said the mayor, adding that she was “very happy” because The most successful singer in the world today will play three times in the city.

In an effort to take change to the next level, It was also announced that the city’s Public Relations Department will install signs with the new name in the most frequented places; In addition to celebrating a party swiftie and add a piece in his honor to the City Walk of Fame.

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