Piñatería Ramírez in legal trouble; Angela Aguilar’s alleged lawsuit is valid

Piñatería Ramírez in legal trouble; Angela Aguilar’s alleged lawsuit is valid
Piñatería Ramírez in legal trouble; Angela Aguilar’s alleged lawsuit is valid

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Mexico City.- The controversy that aroused Christian Nodal y Angela Aguilar inspired a piñata creator to release new models, but this time it seems the artist got into legal issues.

The Ramirez Piñata enjoys wide popularity for the ingenuity that has been shown to have in taking advantage of the most controversial topics in the media. The artisans behind this business set to work to turn a piñata into a characters that attract attention. With each release, they achieve their goal: to be on everyone’s lips.

Over the years, piñatas of Babo, Jaime Maussan, feminists, Wendy Guevara and even the coronavirus have been launched. As more recent products, two piñatas were put on sale that represent the couple that unleashed chaos on social networks and the media, where hundreds of criticisms ran against the pair of celebrities who confirmed their engagementdespite the fact that one of them had just gotten out of a relationship that even included a baby.

The Piñatería Ramírez reported that the lawsuit was indeed proceeding against it

Although at first this idea seemed to have been a success by making several sales, it also attracted a demand. Days ago, the mind behind the designs, Dalton Rodriguezreported through his Facebook page that he received a threat by the Mexican regional singer, as set out in a legal document. Although she has explained that she usually uses a series of ‘tricks’ in her piñatas to avoid being sanctioned by the authorities, in this case the lawsuit would proceed.

It is not yet known what process stage The lawsuit is pending. Likewise, none of the artists’ representatives have expressed a position. Although the issue is serious, the piñata fans joked about the possible consequences for Rodríguez.

Some mentioned that Aguilar had become angry because they did not give him “stuffed“on their hips their piñata, others showed solidarity with the local and promised to do”little cow” to pay the bail and they also recommended that he make piñatas for the Gotitas Saladas singer’s lawyers. Most of the messages are in favor of the business, but there were some who applauded the star’s decision to make sure Rodríguez gets what he deserves, since they consider that on many occasions he crosses the limits of respect: “Goodbye uncle piñata, you’ll be better off in jail.”

Piñatas inspired by the controversial couple

Source: Tribuna Sonora

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