Deputies ask new head of Security to ‘change strategy’

Deputies ask new head of Security to ‘change strategy’
Deputies ask new head of Security to ‘change strategy’

After it was revealed that Gerardo Escamilla will replace Gerardo Palacios Pámanes as head of the Public Security Secretariat of Nuevo León, opposition deputies in the Local Congress They asked the new official have autonomy and change the strategy dictated by the administration of Samuel García, ensuring that it has not had the expected results.

According to Carlos de la Fuente, leader of the PAN bench, the key to improving security rates lies in planning and coordination between municipalities, rejecting what he considers a policy of wasting resources.

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He even assured that Both Escamilla and Pámanes ‘are good’and that if citizens continue to be victims of the insecurity that prevails in Nuevo León, it is due to the failed strategy of the state leader, who continues to have conflicts with mayors who are not from Movimiento Ciudadano.

“The governor believes that with helicopters and (vehicles) Black Mamba enough, but this is not going to fix security; the strategy has not worked because This must be based on coordinated and joint work with the rest of the authorities.including the municipal ones (…) If he is at odds with the mayors, it is difficult for him to work in a coordinated manner with them and the municipal police; Palacios Pámanes and Escamilla are good“Why have they not produced results in Nuevo León? Because of the Governor,” said De la Fuente.

He asks not to make decisions ‘with the stomach’

For her part, Lorena de la Garza, a PRI deputy, asked the State Government to the opinions of experts in the field are respected and stop making ‘gut’ decisions by Samuel García.

The PRI member even suggested that Pámanes’ departure could have been motivated by an alleged lack of plurality within the current cabinet.

“I hope that those responsible and experts in the field will listen to them; Gerardo Palacios I know he is someone who knows about security, and unfortunately Those who know are not heard by those who decidethat is most likely what happened (…) We hope that decisions are made, but not with the stomach, so that we can get out of this insecurity crisis,” said the legislator.

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In the same vein, Javier Caballero, also from the PRI, urged the new secretary not to be someone who simply ‘obeys orders’, but to contribute his experience to devising a new security strategy.

“If the Executive does not change its strategy of lack of coordination, it will be difficult to obtain results different from the current ones (…) If the person who arrives is simply going to dedicate himself to obeying the Governor’s instructions, then we will be in the same situation,” said Caballero.

Gerardo Palacios Pámanes closed his term at the head of the Security Secretariat with More than 800 homicides recorded so far in 2024 alonea figure higher than in previous years.

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