A space for children | CHILDREN. The proposals for the winter holidays were presented

A space for children | CHILDREN. The proposals for the winter holidays were presented
A space for children | CHILDREN. The proposals for the winter holidays were presented

Winter holidays are a fundamental part of the city’s cultural machinery. In keeping with this tradition, The Great Plan offers a wide variety of activities – more than 300 – spread across 39 spaces, with free admission and affordable prices. In this way, the Municipal Secretariat of Culture and Education invites you to inhabit, for the next two weeks, spaces such as the Tríptico de la Infancia, the Estación Embarcaderos, museums, cultural centers, squares and parks; with activities related to circus, theater, humor, cinema, puppets, music and outdoor shows. The complete agenda, day by day, can be consulted at https://www.rosario.gob.ar/inicio/vacaciones-de-invierno-2024.

The presentation of The Great Plan It was last Wednesday at the Jardín de los Niños, where Federico Valentini, Secretary of Culture and Education, shared the proposal for activities with Silvia Rizzatti, director of the Tríptico de la Infancia, and Irene Ortín del Circo Lumière. “For us it is a political decision, as well as a mandate from the mayor, to carry out this task. I think that today and in this context, no advisor would recommend us to do what we are doing; I am referring to those advisors who appear, sometimes, as magicians in politics. We are convinced that the way out is with more culture and more education. And with a lot of commitment from the teams that also mark this path,” commented the Secretary of Culture to Rosario/12.

“It is a joy to be presenting The Great Planalso because it is much more than a vacation agenda, it is the possibility for every boy, every girl, every family to enjoy the holidays in their city, with public culture and close to their home. This, more than a joy, is a tradition that Rosario has and that we honor. This year is difficult, but we redouble our efforts, so that the doors of the Ministry of Culture, which belong to the neighbors of the city, are more open and there are more proposals, as will happen in more than 40 neighborhoods of the city; in addition to being a job opportunity for many artists,” said Valentini.

Image: Guillermo Turin Bootello

For her part, and also consulted by this newspaper, Silvia Rizzatti highlighted the fundamental importance of the city’s cultural project: “25 years ago, and now more than ever, we were already thinking about spaces that generate encounters, play and coexistence, without distinction of social classes; they are also very beautiful spaces, such as those of the Triptych of Childhood, open to all citizens. They are spaces that equalize and promote rights, and today more than ever we must continue to support them, betting on more and more.”

In this sense, Irene Ortin -from Circo Lumière- added that “culture has to be accessible to everyone; we are celebrating our 14th anniversary, and we have had to perform in neighborhoods, closed streets, dirt streets, with gravel below, seeing how to juggle between one tree and another, but also participating in stages like the Teatro La Comedia. We have always been very happy to do it, giving access to everyone, with popular tickets, or as we like, with free tickets, so that everyone has access.”

“What we do honors Rosario’s cultural tradition, but also with a lot of innovation; in this sense, we have projects with the will to open more doors, to reach more audiences. These winter vacations are a reflection of what we have been doing, by equalizing opportunities and consolidating rights. On the other hand, appropriation is essential; neighbors have to take ownership of these spaces even more. Today is the time to get closer, and the doors of our spaces are open,” added Valentini.

Among the spaces that will offer activities are the La Comedia Municipal Theatre, the Lumière Cinema, the municipal museums, the Astronomical Complex, the Alvear District Culture House, the Argentine Library, the Childhood Triptych (Children’s Farm, Island of Inventions, Children’s Garden), municipal district centres, squares and sports centres.

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