Drugs and weapons from organized crime worth more than 1.7 billion pesos seized in Sinaloa

Drugs and weapons from organized crime worth more than 1.7 billion pesos seized in Sinaloa
Drugs and weapons from organized crime worth more than 1.7 billion pesos seized in Sinaloa

The Semar He hit a blow in Sinaloa to the delinquency organized, through searches that led to the arrest of nine people, the seizure of drugs and machinery for handling chemical substances who have illegally generated multimillion-dollar profits, estimated at more than 1.7 billion pesos; six properties were also seized, Firearmscash and vehicles high-end.

According to statement 074/2024 of the SemarThis seizure took place on July 1st, through eight orders of search in the municipality of Culiacan Rosales, Sinaloa and would be directly affecting a local organized crime group.

In the report, the agency states that they were detainees nine alleged offenders, and secured documentationcash in national and foreign currency, controlled chemical substances and precursors stored in drums, jars and bottles containing clear, brown, yellowish liquids, used for the manufacture of synthetic drugs.

Also solid substances, both white and crystalline, which are presumed to be methamphetamine; and blue pills marked with the legend M30, possibly fentanylThey also seized tablet pressesindustrial mixers and stretch wrappers, as well as various materials for handling chemical substances.

He also points out that “taking into account the actions of investigationit is assumed that at least the machine tablet press The insured plant was in operation during the period from May 1 to June 30, during which time it could have produced around six million 700 thousand tablets, whose approximate value would be one thousand 700 million pesos, which at the current exchange rate is equivalent to more than ninety-two million dollars,” the company calculated. Semar.

Among the items that were seized were: vehicles high-end, diverse Firearmsfragmentation grenades, as well as ballistic material and telecommunications equipment, among other objects. And, six properties linked to these alleged criminal activities were seized.

The premises and objects were made available to the Public Prosecutor of the Federation for the integration of the portfolio of investigation for the crimes mentioned above.

Meanwhile, the detainees They have been linked to the process and were ordered preventive prison as a precautionary measure, for which they will be admitted to detention centers social reintegration located in Aguaruto and Guasave.

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