7 literary recommendations for World Book Day 2021

7 literary recommendations for World Book Day 2021
7 literary recommendations for World Book Day 2021

The time is coming Book Day 2021a very special day for many book lovers. For this reason, we want to recommend you seven readings so that you can read it as a celebration of the International Book Day 2021.

This is a selection of books that are already on sale, so You can get any of them and enjoy reading this April 23rd. We have selected recommended titles from different genres and styles to have a broad spectrum and for all readers to have a favorite. Here we go!

A woman in the throat, by Marwán (Planeta)

For the poetry lovers contemporary, this book of poems will be a delight this Book Day 2021The singer-songwriter and poet, after three years without publishing, returns with ‘A woman in the throat’ a collection of poems in which he shows that is against the current also in poetry.

His fourth book of poems shows us a side of the author that we did not know, tearing apart verses of passionate lovelagoons of foolishness in some poems, Deep reflections which lead him to the conclusion that does not fit and, ultimately, an introspection with which Every reader can feel identified in some way.

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With his characteristic language, simple and without too many ambiguities, Marwán bets on a collection of poems full of lovewhere love, beauty and madness turn the poet’s life upside down.

Nine Rules to Break to Win Over a Scoundrel, by Sarah MacLean (Versatile)

If your thing is the romance novelwe can’t help but recommend ‘Nine rules to break to win over a scoundrel’.

By horse between the romantic novel and the historical novelThis book tells the story of Lady Calpurnia Hartwell and how she tries to win the love of Gabriel, Marquis of Ralston, a man as shameless and libertine as he is wealthy.

This is the first issue of the trilogy ‘Love in numbers’, which is being reissued this 2021 and It will give a lot to talk about among regular readers of this genre.

Infinity in a Reed, by Irene Vallejo (Siruela)

This is one undisputed recommendationIf you like essays and you haven’t read ‘The Infinity in a Reed’ yet, you’ve already decided what to buy for Book Day this year. And this essay by Irene Vallejo has more than earned it.

Awarded the National Essay Award 2020 and half a dozen more awards, this work has become the revelation essay.

And what is it about? It is a thorough study of the history of books and those who have guarded them for almost thirty centuries. A journey into the history of the literature where we are amazed at everything that has happened around the figure we remember April 23rd: the book. Essential.

Hyde, by David Lozano (SM)

For teenagers Our recommendation for this book day is ‘Hyde’, a novel by author and teacher David Lozano Garbala, who has enjoyed success with other novels such as ‘Donde supervivientes las sombras’ or ‘Cielo Rojo’.

This book was originally published by Alfaguara in 2014, but it has just been reissued by Ediciones SM, so it is very easy to find. The plot is as follows: a group of young people who are part of a social experiment They are isolated in an abandoned mansion and… Several murders begin to occur at home.

A novel with high doses of adrenaline y great dizziness with several plot twists and lots of tension.

The Good Father, by Santiago Díaz (Reservoir Books)

If you like the crime novelthis recommendation is for you. In ‘The Good Father’ a man is imprisoned after being found in his home next to the bloody corpse of his wife.

One year later His father turns himself in to the police claiming that he has kidnapped his son’s lawyer, the judge in charge of the case and a witness. Assuring that the son is innocent and that there is a conspiracy against him, he threatens to kill the three kidnapped people within three weeks, one per week.

Inspector Indira Ramos finds herself involved in this mysterious plot where Nothing is what it seems y Time is against youA story full of intrigue that will not be resolved until the last page.

Fire and Blood, by George RR Martin (Debolsillo)

The acclaimed author of the famous saga ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, which became a true mass phenomenon with the adaptation ‘Game of Thrones’ returns with this novel, which although is part of the same universe that the rest of the saga, is ahead in time to the origin of the story of the series.

Three hundred years before the start of the series, The Targaryens and their dragons They dominated the West since they settled on Dragonstone. A dynasty that fought for power for centuries since Aegon I Targaryen forged the Iron Throne was almost brought to an end in a bloody civil war.

If you are a fan of the HBO series or the ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ saga, this novel is a whim you can allow yourself this Book Day 2021.

Ready Player Two, de Ernest Cline (Nova)

Are you looking for a light and addictive novel? Science fiction? Then the one we chose for you is ‘Ready Player Two’. The sequel to the successful novel ‘Ready Player One’, which was brilliantly brought to the big screen by Steven Spielberghas just gone on sale, and it promises as much as its predecessor was successful.

In that future world where the protagonists enter into the OASIS video gameWade Watts makes a discovery that will lead him to try to solve A new mystery and try to win a mysterious hidden prize.

OASIS will then become an addictive place from which the reader will not want to leave and where the action will once again take center stage with the arrival of a new rival for Watts. Do you dare to play this new game?

With these recommendations we wish you a Happy Book Day 2021 and a happy ‘Saint George’ o Saint Georgeespecially for those of you who read us from Aragon and Catalonia. We hope that you find these books attractive and that if you are interested in any of them you will give them a chance. Happy Book Day 2021!

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