Dubai’s culture and heritage win the 2024 Travellers Choice Award

Dubai’s culture and heritage win the 2024 Travellers Choice Award
Dubai’s culture and heritage win the 2024 Travellers Choice Award

TripAdvisor has awarded the prize Travellers’ Choice Award 2024 to several cultural and heritage sites managed by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture). This award recognizes the Al Shindagha Museumto the Historic District Al-Fahidi and the Etihad Museum as some of the most popular tourist attractions highlighted and affirms its position of leadership by highlighting the experiences unique cultural experiences they offer. These efforts reflect Dubai Culture’s goal of to preserve and safeguard the cultural heritage of United Arab Emirateswhile consolidating Dubai’s position on the tourist map world.

Among the reviews of travelers, Al Shindagha Museum, the largest heritage museum in the UAE, has received numerous Positive comments from the public, who describe it as “the hidden gem of Dubai” thanks to its collections, exhibitions, oral histories and Photographs archives that document the emirate’s legacy and culture. In its 22 pavilions spread over more than 80 casas historical, the museum displays the history, heritage and achievements notables of Dubai and UAE.

Travelers have rated the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood as one of the best destinations in Dubai for turismo cultural. It allows visitors to discover and experience the lifestyles traditional ones that prevailed in Dubai since the mid-19th century. XIX century until the 1970s. In addition, it has features and facilities capable of attracting start-ups and talents to show their works.

For its part, the Museo Etihad captivated travelers from all over the world with its historical narrative which documents the journey of the union. Through its various sections and exhibitions, the museum tells the story of the foundation y prosperity of the country, providing a precise chronology of the events which led to the UAE’s declaration in 1971focusing mainly on the period of 1968 to 1974. Through these exhibitions and educational programs, the museum highlights the efforts of the Founding Fathers Water.

Dubai Culture strives to offer experiences copies to visitors by adapting new technologies that have transformed their cultural and heritage sites into spaces interactive and innovative. Equipped with latest technologies and educational tools, these spaces allow visitors to explore the history and Dubai’s achievements in ways attractive and interactive. This use of technology is a testament to Dubai Culture’s commitment to fostering innovation, improve tourist understanding and experience.

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